Colleen Cosmetics Users Review Colleen Makeup Products

What do colleen cosmetics say? We have compiled for you what are user reviews about Colleen Makeup.

Colleen, a domestic cosmetics brand, is often known for being very affordable. User reviews about the makeup of this company, which is preferred by those who do not want to spend a lot of money on cosmetics, are as follows:

Colleen Cosmetic Makeup Products User Reviews

Very affordable and very nice tones. I wouldn't say it's of poor quality, but it disintegrates and breaks a little quickly.

  • I bought Colleen lipstick, and it looks really good.
  • I'm really pleased to use Colleen blush.
  • Colleen's blush is beautiful, too.
  • It's really affordable and has an unexpected performance at this price. It is also used in Europe.
  • A friend of mine was driving, so I tried it, but it itched.
  • I don't like your nail polish.
  • Collen eyeliner was given to me as a gift with a scent. The eyeliner was definitely not good, causing a friskly appearance that ended at a certain time. Dipliner and eyeliner are not beautiful.

As it turns out, colleen users are satisfied with various issues and express their dissatisfaction with some issues. In summary, the price is very good at performance while satisfied with the products of the Collen brand such as lipstick and blush. Products such as nail polish and eyeliner are not satisfied.

Detailed reviews from colleen cosmetic users

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