What are the benefits and harms of tarragon grass? Tarragon Plant in Pregnancy

The benefits and harms of tarragon grass have important effects that need to be known. Tarragon grass, which has quite useful properties, can also cause undesirable harmful side effects if consumed unconsciously and excessively. Details of questions such as who is objectionable to tarragon grass and in which cases it has a beneficial effect are included under the headings below.

What are the Origins, Benefits and Harms of Tarragon Grass?

Tarragon is a plant that can reach up to 1 meter from the chicory family. Its long and thin leaves are light green and bright, and have flowers of yellow color. The name of the plant is derived from the word 'Draconculus' dragon and is named for its healing effects in the treatment of bites of snakes and other poisonous animals. Tarragon is one of the most widely used aromatic plants in the production of cooking ingredients and canned foods.

What are the Benefits of Tarragon Grass?

Tarragon has a warm and dry temper. Some useful properties of this plant include:

  • Tarragon is a large source of iron, calcium and manganese and also contains potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and C.
  • One of the most important features of tarragon is to reduce the pain of teeth and gums, in fact, chewing this plant prevents bleeding and heals mouth sores. This is due to a substance called eugenol, which is contained in this plant.
  • Tarragon is useful for joint pain and also improves painful menstrual bleeding; it is best to eat with food.
  • Tarragon helps relieve stomach pains due to eating, eating and overeating. Also, if your stomach is not strong and its secretion is weak, eating this weed with food will help you. Usually tarragon is very useful for your digestive system and relieves bloating and abdominal pain.
  • Tarragon strengthens the body's immune system against certain viruses and bacteria.
  • Drinking tarragon tea relieves fatigue, soothes nerves and is a good solution for insomnia problems.
  • Preventing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease are among the other benefits of tarragon; leaves should be chewed or added to food.
  • Drinking tarragon brews helps in the treatment of gout and rheumatic pain. Boil 10 grams of this plant in 300 cc of water and drink 1 cup per day.
  • Tarragon has many antioxidant properties that can help neutralize substances called free radicals.

What are the Harms and Side Effects of Tarragon Grass?

Tarragon grass is harmful to some people, and overeating can cause various problems. Long-term consumption of this plant can cause many diseases up to cancer due to its effect on the balance in the hormone estrogen. Eating tarragon grass during pregnancy is quite inconvenient due to its effects on estrogen and the possibility of harm to the fetus. Therefore, you should not consume tarragon grass during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, excessive use of tarragon can cause miscarriages in pregnant women. If You Wish, Do The Harms of Eating Garlic During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage? you can also review our article titled .

Who Can't Use Tarragon Grass?

People who are inconvenient to use tarragon grass are as follows:- Pregnant wom
en should never consume tarragon grass.- Eating tarr
agon grass during breastfeeding may be inconvenient.- People
with allergic bodies should not eat tarragon grass.- Those
undergoing hormone therapy should not use tarragon grass.

What are the Vitamins and Minerals In Tarragon Grass?

The minerals and vitamins in tarragon are as follows:- Mang
anese,- I
ron,- C
vitamin A,-
vitamin C.