What are the Benefits of Soda to Acne? Is Baking Soda Good for Acne?

Although the benefits of soda to acne are not well known, they have become increasingly popular in recent times. Usually to get rid of bad odors, you can keep soda, baking soda or carbonate in the refrigerator, add it to pastries for fermentation purposes or use it as a home remedy for reflux. But do acne soda have benefits?

What are the Benefits of Soda to Acne?

There are various opinions about the benefits of soda to acne. However, unfortunately, there are not many scientific studies that investigate the benefit of soda, which is used as baking soda for acne, to acne and similar problems. However, there are some studies on the importance of balancing the pH of the skin during acne treatment.

What is the Effect of Soda on Skin PH?

The PH scale goes from zero to 14. Six or six everything underneath is acidic, seven is neutral, and eight and above are alkaline. A healthy the skin pH should be about 5.5, which means it is slightly acidic. Your skin is optimally pH becomes the healthiest state when it is valued. Some experts have found that alkaline regular use of soda as a skin care treatment may impair your skin's natural acidic pH, layer and cause irritation they are. However, some dermatologists have found that soda, or embossing, can be used to treat acne. it is useful to add powder to various mixtures rather than using it alone he thinks he can be.

Can Soda Have Benefits for Acne for PH Balance?

Benefits of soda for acne to maintain PH balance The short answer to the question of whether it can be is yes. However, pure relief the powder, that is, soda can be a little hard for your skin. Has very sensitive skin may become excessively dry and prepare an environment for inflammation should be very, very careful in its use. Or in the treatment of acne instead of soda, alpha hydroxy type acids (AHA) or non-chemical soft cleaners should be used. Soda is more for oily skin types good, but even these people use it to prevent excessive drying of the skin limit it. If you're not sure exactly what your skin type is, you'll It is always a good idea to consult your dermatologist before using soda.

How much and how to use soda in the treatment of acne?

According to our research on how much and how to use soda in the treatment of acne; If you want to try baking soda to help with the problem of acne, you can apply it maximum once to twice a week. Overuse can cause alkaline soda to interfere with the acidic pH of the skin and the destruction of the natural fats of the skin. Be sure to moisturly your skin very well to help protect your natural barrier. It is important to avoid prolonged contact with the skin when using baking soda for acne, since it can cause irritation. Therefore, only acne should be applied and not left for more than a few minutes.

Soda Mask Recipe and Application for Pimples

A small amount of up to 2 teaspoons of soda with face cleanser Stir until you form a paste in warm water and remove pimples with your fingertips and massage your skin. Face this technique do not leave it on your skin for more than 10 to 15 minutes if you use it as a mask. After both uses, immediately a face to prevent your skin from drying out use moisturizer. However, you can use these methods more than twice a week Don't repeat it.

What are the Harms of Applying Soda to Acne?

Some harmful side effects of applying soda or carbonate to acne on your face and skin are as follows:

  • It causes the skin to dry out excessively.
  • Early onset of wrinkles Leads.
  • Worsening of acne benefits causes the possibility.
  • Scar formation and irritation of the skin may cause it.

Because baking soda can affect the pH level of the skin.

Last Words About The Benefits of Soda to Acne

As it can be seen, applying baking soda directly to acne poses a risk to your skin health deterioration. Because baking soda, i.e. soda, is a substance that exhibits alkaline properties that can disrupt the pH structure of the skin and leave the skin wall vulnerable. While recent rumors that have emerged like a myth say that baking soda can help reduce your acne, dermatologists do not recommend it as a treatment method. You can also read about the Benefits of British Carbonate (Where and How to Use Carbonate) and Home Natural Mask and Care Recipes for Black Spot and Acne.

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