What is Skorbut Disease, What are its Symptoms and Treatment (Scurvy Disease)

Skorbut disease is popularly known as vitamin C deficiency and has been described as marine disease in ancient times. In cases where vitamin C deficiency reaches up to 3 months, the person is diagnosed with Scurvy. It is necessary to understand what vitamin C is before the question of what is skorbutt disease is investigated.

Vitamin C is among groups of vitamins that dissolve in water is the only one. Since it is not synthesized and store in the body, it is also consumption is required. This vitamin, which has a high antioxidant content it can cause serious diseases if not taken adequately.

Scorebut's Disease Symptoms

Vitamin C is found in connective tissues such as joints, blood and muscles in the body it plays a role in the production of collagen. With a lack of vitamins in these tissues collagen synthesis is not performed in direct proportion and scorebude disease begins to occur. The disease manifests itself early with many symptoms during the period. These symptoms include; subcutaneous bruises, weakness in the hair, deterioration of bone shapes and muscle it's their weakness.

In cases where scurvy disease is not noticed or treated correctly, these symptoms are exacerbated. In the later stages of disease, shortness of breath, some neural disorders and high fever are seen in the person. In some cases, uns preventable high fever may cause the patient to have a remit.

Lasting More Than 3 Months Symptoms of Skorbut Disease

In cases where the progression of skorbut disease exceeds 3 months, serious symptoms begin to appear in the patient. The decline in dental health is the most important sign of this condition. Accordingly, when the first stage of the disease is left behind, serious gum bleeding and tooth loss are seen in the person. Sensitivity to light and blindness can even be observed in later periods. It proves how important the treatment of scurvy disease is.

Skorbut Disease Treatment Methods

Skorbut disease with a simple intravenous blood test can be detected. However, the scorebut the method to be applied for the treatment of the disease, the cause of vitamin deficiency is passed by finding. Accordingly, the patient's diet is checked first. Is. If the underlying cause of the disease is irregular nutrition, a diet is recommended.

If another problem triggers the disease and not the diet, a study is carried out on this subject. Usually, vitamin supplements are given to the patient until vitamin C reaches sufficient levels.

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