How to Care by Skin Type? Oily, Dry, Mixed

Care by skin type is one of the essentials for having a healthy and vibrant face. There are many ways to take good care of the skin. The most important of these is a habit that should be to ensure regular contact of the skin with water in order to maintain ph balance. When we do not know enough about this, we need to know the distinguishing situations. Starting with the wrong application can cause time loss and even health problems.

By Skin Type How to Determine Care

Skin types; as normal, dry, oily and mixed skin type is determined. The effect of aging on the skin and the ph and moisture required and therefore be able to maintain and balance skin moisture suitable moisturizer treatments and creams for must be used.

By Dry Skin Type Maintenance

Cracking during the day for care according to dry skin type and frequency of humidity that can provide ph balance as pulsation problem can be observed is rare. Normal skin balances dryness and lubrication it does not need intensive moisturizing due to its properties. Still If your skin type is normal, it requires regular skin care like any skin type.

Oily Skin Type Maintenance by

Skin pores when caring according to oily skin type it is necessary to make applications that allow it to be thoroughly cleaned. A greasy regular skin massage that allows the skin to breathe healthily if you have skin and you should. Tonic and low-fat moisturiser for skin cleansing Creams allow you to complete the skin care you need to use.

Mixed Skin Type Maintenance by

In case of care according to mixed skin type, lubrication problems can be observed in the dry forehead area in the cheek area. For this purpose, you can continue the skin care applied for normal or dry skin type. It is important that we have distinguished the care methods that are considered individually for each skin type. When buying your skin care products, it is important to determine the applications that suit your skin type.

Last Words About Skin Care

As you can see, skin type is one of the most important elements to be considered when caring. If you have oily skin, if you do the treatments to be applied to dry skin, use extremely moisturizing creams and care oils, your skin will not be able to breathe, acne and black spots will begin to form. On the contrary, if oily skin care is applied to dry skin, your skin cannot be adequately fed and you will not be able to get rid of dryness complaints.

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