How Does Frequent Recurrent Herpes Go? Is Hametan, Lipstick, Toothpaste Good?

Frequent recurrent herpes annoys everyone. It can be both a bad image and food that triggers such painful herpes, it can be stress. However, as with those who are trying to get rid of HSV-1 and HSV 2, the main problem is the herpes virus. So is it possible to get rid of the fly naturally, is it useful to apply lipstick or toothpaste to the fly? In this article, we tried to elaborate on the questions such as whether the collection of water on the lip is a sign of herpes, whether the hametan is good, or if there is such a thing as a truly out-of-fear sheerness.

What Causes Frequent Recurrent Herpes?

The most basic answer to the question of why herpes causes is a virus called Herpes simplex. The virus infects the skin and affects the place where it is transmitted, leading to water collection, redness and wound-like appearance. Once transmitted, it can cause a lifetime flight. There may be improvement in herpes from time to time, but it can be seen repeatedly in or around the area where it is located.

There is no medically definitive solution to the question of how to pass the herpes wound. Although there are rumors among the public that it would be good to put Hametan, toothpaste or lipstick on the fly, these methods are also not certain.

In the rest of our article, you will be able to see what the above mentioned applications and other natural herbal herpes treatment methods are.But first, let's talk about what are the reasons why herpes appears again and again.

Why Does Frequent Recurrent Herpes Come Out?

Frequent recurrent herpes occurs due to a virus called Herpes simplex, as we mentioned above. That's why it repeats. But there may be foods and emotional factors that make the virus active again, that is, trigger herpes. For example, there is an expression such as "out of fear." In fact, this phrase reflects the truth a little bit. So, what are the factors that trigger herpes, such as fear:

  • Weakening of the immune system
  • Insomnia
  • Malnutrition
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Flu, Cold
  • Extreme fear and anxiety
  • Harmful rays of the sun (Ultraviolet)
  • Fluctuations in hormones

Where does herpes come out?

It can appear almost anywhere that can be contacted on herpes skin. HSV-1 type, especially seen in the mouth area, can also manifest itself in extreme sexual areas.

Herpes is contagious and therefore can settle at any point in contact with the herpes body, which can be transmitted from one person to another. Here are the places where herpes can appear in substances:

  • Eyes
  • Fingers
  • Male and female genitalia,
  • Hip
  • Mouth and lips…

How Does Frequent Recurrent Herpes Go?

The most curious questions about herpes treatment are how herpes goes or how herpes heals in a short time. There are many methods called herpes, for which medicine has not yet found a definitive cure. At first comes herpes creams, which offer a medically temporary solution. Those who do not have these creams or do not want to go to the doctor look for solutions by applying lipstick or toothpaste to the plane. Does it really go crazy with these methods? If you wish, let's look for answers with techniques such as cream, toothpaste and lipstick.

How to Pass Frequent Recurrent Herpes with the Fastest Solution?

The quickest solution is not to play with the area where the herpes finds and to regularly wash the area with salt water. In addition, the pain of the wound can be reduced by using moisturizing creams. The less intervention is given to herpes, which usually improves in its own right from 2 to 4 weeks, the faster it heals.

How to Pass Herpes with Cream?

Questions such as how to pass herpes and whether it is good to use cream are also frequently asked. The fact that there is no solution for the treatment of herpes also means that creams will not treat it. However, hametan cream and similar moisturizing creams can help alleviate symptoms such as pain, sores, water collection and redness caused by herpes. Platforms such as sour dictionary and women's club have many creams and applications that are claimed to be good for the fly. However, the only source to be used in the search for cream that is good for the fly is a health care provider.

Is Hametan Good for Flight?

Hametan is one of the creams that is said to be good for the fly and is among the creams prescribed by doctors. Hametan cream is highly loved by users for improving herpes (temporarily). However, it may be inconvenient to use without the approval of a physician.

Judging by the reviews of hametan users, it seems that the herpes improves its appearance in a short time. It is emphasized that it is successful not only in herpes, but also in acne. In order to mitigate the benefits of herpes, hametan seems to be successful and preferable.

Is Lipstick Applied to The Fly?

The perception that it is good to apply lipstick to the fly is also quite common. Applying lipstick or other substance to the plane is a very risky act. The use of medically untested substances is inconvenient. Especially lipstick and similar chemicals can make herpes wounds worse. Interfering with the plane, which will heal over time and leave no trace, can lead to a bad image that does not heal.

On the other hand, there are lipstick-like creams made for herpes and similar wounds. If your doctor recommends using such creams, you can take and use the prescribed drug.

Is Toothpaste Applied to the Fly?

Although toothpaste has antibacterial properties, it may not have the properties to remove the virus that causes the fly. Even if it has medically unproven benefits, applying toothpaste to the plane can have harmful effects. So much so that even permanent scars may form at the site of the herpes. Therefore, any product that is not recommended by the doctor should not be driven to the fly and herpes wounds should not be treated.

What Are The Foods That Trigger Herpes?

Since it is a health problem caused by herpes virus, the immune system falls quite a lot of responsibility. Whenever the immune system weakens, the herpes virus becomes more active and herpes occurs. So the foods that trigger herpes are actually foods that weaken immunity.

Any food that tires the body and adds nothing to it weakens immunity. Therefore, these foods also cause the reappearation of herpes. So stay away from the following foods and habits. Here are the foods and habits that trigger herpes:

  • Acidic foods and drinks (cola, pickle juice, turnip juice…)
  • Foods that are allergic.
  • Foods that are hard to digest.
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarette
  • One-way nutrition
  • Not taking care of cleanliness
  • Over-fatty foods, fries

Last Words About Getting Rid of HSV

HSV is the short name for the virus that causes the flight. It is classified with codes such as HSV-1, HSV-2, HSV-3. The cause of herpes in the mouth area is HSV1, the class of herpes in the genitals is HSV-2, and the category of herpes affecting nerves such as shingles is HSV-3.

Medically, all herpes are fought in different ways. The region where the herpes originates also plays a major role in increasing the risk. HSV-3, for example, is a riskier type of herpes. However, HSV-2 carries such a risk. Herpes, which occurs in the mouth and lip area, can be classified as the most contagious herpes.

Watch Out for The Fly

As can be seen, herpes is usually annoying in appearance, but it is health problems that need to be kept under control. Because especially for infants, herpes virus can cause damage up to death.

Be very, very careful when loving babies, especially if you have herpes around your lips. Share with people that you have herpes so they can step in when you can't take precautions. If you have herpes in your genital area, share this information with the person you will be with.

Also, How does the herpes wound go? you can also review our other article where we are looking for answers to the question.

How does frequent recurrent herpes go? Is hametan cream good for herpes? Does applying lipstick or toothpaste to a herpes wound cure herpes?