Does Sesame Raise Cholesterol? Benefits of Sesame to Cholesterol Harms

The question of whether sesame raises cholesterol is one of the question marks in the minds of people suffering from high cholesterol. Although sesame seeds are used in pastries and buns, they can also have healthy benefits for the heart. However, there are concerns that it can raise cholesterol as well as benefits.

Does Sesame Raise Cholesterol?

The health benefits of sesame seeds have been around for centuries however, in recent times an increasing effect on cholesterol whether he will show it has also been a matter of curiosity. Mostly in Chinese and Indian medicine it has been used in some cases such as skin infections, baldness and strengthening dental health.

Sesame also has diabetes, some bowel diseases and high it has also been studied in terms of experimental studies in the treatment of blood pressure. Sesame contrary to the question of whether it raises cholesterol, some studies have found that sesame seeds also helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride rates is believed to be able to do so.

Does Sesame Lower Cholesterol?

Examining the effect of sesame seeds on fat levels in the blood there are few studies, but the results are mixed. Most of these experiments are high. individuals with high rates of cholesterol or triglycerides Includes. During these studies, 25 to 50 grams of sesame seeds are powdered once a day, subjects are they've been subjected to it. Since sesame has a high fat content, many studies Sesame seeds are preferred over the calories normally consumed. So it's not as an additional reinforcement, it's a basic. sesame paste is used as a food.

In some studies, eating sesame seeds can cause cholesterol and triglycerides has not had a significant impact on the levels. But some studies have found that the consumption of sesame seeds on a daily basis cholesterol between 8% and 16%, and total cholesterol rates on average It has been observed that it reduces by 8%. In some of these experiments, hdl cholesterol and although there is a slight positive effect in terms of triglycerides it has not been an important indicator of conclusive evidence.

How Does Sesame Affect Your Cholesterol?

Studies on the cholesterol-lowering and elevating effects of sesame have shown to contain many ingredients that have been shown to affect cholesterol and triglyceride levels, including; sesamin is the leading cause of alpha-linoleic acid and soluble fiber. As it can be seen, sesame seeds do not cause an increase in cholesterol in their decision, but can also have a cholesterol-lowering effect. However, overuse can have harmful consequences both in terms of calories and side effects. If you wish, will sesame seeds be eaten during pregnancy? You can also review the article Titled Benefits and Harms of Sesame In Pregnancy.