Recovery Mask Recipe and Application for Sagging Breasts

Sagging breasts are a condition that makes women quite uncomfortable. Mothers may have many reasons for breastfeeding, such as sagging with advancing age. Whatever the reason, one thing that hasn't changed is that the room creates an image that we don't like aesthetically. We wouldn't be lying if we said it affected people psychologically. So, how do we find a solution to sagging breasts? To answer that question, we're going to give you a great mask recipe. With this mask you will have packed and more upright breasts. Let's get to our recipe before we keep you waiting too long.

PLEASE NOTE: Before proceeding to our recipe; Women in this context should avoid mask application because this mask can have negative effects on pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Recovery Mask Recipe for Sagging Breasts


l 1 piece of oversized potatoes

l 1 cucumber

l 1 egg

Preparation: First of all, we take a suitable container for mixing the ingredients. Then we peel the potatoes and cucumber. We grate the peeled ingredients into the container. On the other hand, since we will use the influx of eggs, we separate the egg from the yolk. We also add the egg influx we have allocated to other ingredients. We put a glove on all the ingredients and mix them up. We knead until it has a consistency, just like kneading dough. Our mixture is ready, if you wish, let's proceed to the application of our breast-collecting mask.

Application of The Collector Mask

We take two gauze or cotton cloths. We cut our mixture into two pieces and place it on the cloths. We spread the mixture for sagging breasts on the cloth. Next, we close the mixture that we spread on the cloth on our breasts together with the cloth. After we close it, we put on some old underwear. We leave the mixture in our breasts for 6 hours. The time may be a little long, but you will find that this mixture, which you will be pleased with the result, is worth the wait. After 6 hours, you can wash your chest. It is worth cleaning the mixture by massaging it from the bottom up. You can apply this mask for your sagging breasts 2 times a week. You won't believe the effect when you apply it regularly. Over time, you will see your breasts recover and the sagging becomes steeper. We wish you a healthy day.

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