Do you drink mineral water during pregnancy? Mineral Water Benefits Harms In Pregnancy

In this article, we tried to answer questions such as whether mineral water is drunk during pregnancy, whether drinking mineral water during pregnancy causes edema and swelling, and what are the benefits and harms of drinking mineral water in pregnancy.

Is Mineral Water Drink during Pregnancy?

Mineral waters; in terms of minerals coming out of the ground they are natural waters that are quite rich. Since mineral waters contain carbon dioxide they can cause gas formation. They are gas-free and artificially gassed varieties are also available.

Carbon dioxide is given to waters containing sodium bicarbonate the carbonated beverages produced are called sodas. Sodas and mineral waters are often they are mixed. In fact, as long as the sodas and mineral waters are Different. Mineral waters are richer in minerals than sodas. It is more beneficial from a health point of view. Well, mineral water during pregnancy. what are the benefits or harms if drunk? Come together Examine.

Mineral Water during Pregnancy

It is said that it is inconvenient for women during pregnancy to drink mineral water. That's why people often ask questions like whether mineral water is drunk during pregnancy. This can cause a variety of contradictions and concerns. Therefore, it will be quite enlightening to be informed.

They're from being a popular urban legend. He can't go beyond that. According to many obstetricians and gynecologists, pregnancy drinking mineral water is quite useful. Mineral waters are abundant; Calcium magnesium, selenium, iodine and fluorine. These are necessary for the body. elements. In case of deficiencies, they can lead to significant problems. This women, especially during pregnancy, are more he needs it a lot.

So far, it's all set. So, does mineral water edema during pregnancy, what benefits does it have? To answer all this, let's take a look at the benefits of mineral waters.

Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water During Pregnancy

  • Mineral waters are very beneficial for bone health as they contain high levels of calcium. It is a good alternative especially for expectant mothers who cannot consume milk and dairy products.
  • During pregnancy, the need for fluorine increases in the body. Mineral water prevents tooth decay during pregnancy with the fluorine it contains.
  • Mineral waters facilitate digestion with the sulfate they contain. They help with indigestion and edema problems that are common during pregnancy.
  • Since it contains magnesium, it relieves problems such as cramping and constipation. Cramping and constipation are common problems in pregnancy.

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