Do The Harms of Eating Garlic During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

Questions such as what are the harms of eating garlic during pregnancy are among the questions that expectant mothers are curious about. How much garlic should you eat during pregnancy? What are the benefits and side effects of eating garlic during pregnancy? We have researched the answers to the questions for you.

What are the harms of eating garlic during pregnancy?

Consuming garlic during pregnancy can have some side effects, but eating garlic in your decision and in a balanced way does not do any harm during pregnancy. However, you may experience some unpleasant consequences, especially if you consume a lot of garlic in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, you should definitely consult your doctor about the amount of garlic you can eat during your pregnancy.

How Much Garlic Can Be Eaten During Pregnancy?

In general during pregnancy, you can safely eat two to four cloves of garlic every day. This means about 600-1,200 mg of garlic extract, 0.03-0.12 ml of garlic essential oil, 5 ml of garlic. You can also take supplement pills obtained from 400 mg of garlic extract no more than three times a day. But try not to use artificial garlic pills and bottled garlic extracts just in case.

Benefits of Eating Garlic During Pregnancy

Garlic for everyone has many health benefits, but these benefits become even more pronounced during pregnancy. Some benefits of garlic for our body in general are:

  • Garlic reduces the risk of high blood pressure. High blood pressure or pre-eclampsia is something that one in ten pregnant women suffers from. By consuming garlic, you can reduce the risk of having high blood pressure and high levels of protein in the urine.
  • Eating garlic can increase the weight of the baby. Research shows that if you eat garlic, your baby is much less likely to be born underweight or premature, since it does not contain garlic in your diet. Experiments also show that garlic extract stimulates the growth of placental cells.
  • Garlic has a positive effect on heart problems and cholesterol levels. The alisin found in garlic reduces cholesterol levels and does not allow it to rise above norms. It also acts as a blood thinner that helps prevent stroke or heart attack.
  • If you eat garlic regularly, it can protect you from certain types of cancer, especially colon cancer. Eating onions, chives and garlic can greatly reduce the risk of stomach and esophageal cancer, scientists have confirmed.
  • Garlic can boost your immune system. It is known that eating garlic can prevent flu, colds and other similar ailments. This is especially important not only for your own health, but also for the health of the little baby growing inside you.
  • Allicin in garlic can help you fight bacterial infections. The microelement we mentioned earlier has anti-fungal properties of allicin.
  • Eating garlic can prevent hair loss. Some pregnant people suffer from hair loss during pregnancy. If you want to protect your hair, just eat a little garlic.

Harms and Side Effects of Eating Garlic During Pregnancy

Like many good things in life, when consumed excessively and unconsciously, garlic has harmful side effects. As we mentioned above among the benefits of garlic, garlic can thin your blood. However, in some cases, this is not a good thing. Another thing you should know is that garlic supplements can react with insulin, as well as some anticoagulant drugs. If you eat too much garlic, you already risk disrupting your defenseless digestive system. This can lead to stomach problems during pregnancy, which is definitely not something you want.

Is It Harmful to Eat Garlic on An Empty Stomach During Pregnancy?

One of the questions about the consumption of garlic during pregnancy is whether consuming garlic on an empty stomach will be harmful. There is no proven harm in swallowing or eating garlic on an empty stomach during pregnancy, as long as it is not overdone. However, if you are at risk of diabetes or bleeding, limit the consumption of garlic as much as possible while pregnant, or consult your doctor.

Does Eating Garlic During Pregnancy Cause a Miscarriage?

Another common concern about the consumption of garlic during pregnancy is whether garlic can cause miscarriage. Garlic can actually do this, given its possible side effects. But for this it is necessary to consume quite a large amount of garlic. Therefore, it would be the most logical choice not to consume more than one or two cloves of garlic in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Benefits and Harms of Swallowing Garlic on An Empty Stomach and The Benefits and Harms of Garlic: What Is Good For Eating Garlic? you can also review the articles titled .

Does Garlic Cause a Miscarriage?

Eating a small amount of garlic does not increase the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. However, eating or swallowing more than 3-4 cloves of garlic a day in excessive quantities can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Can Pregnant Women Swallow Garlic on An Empty Stomach?

It is thought that swallowing garlic on an empty stomach per day will not cause any harm, provided that 2-3 teeth do not exceed garlic during pregnancy. However, if you are at risk of bleeding or have diabetes, it may be inconvenient for you to swallow garlic during pregnancy.
What are the harms of eating garlic during pregnancy? How much garlic can be eaten during pregnancy. Does swallowing garlic on an empty stomach while pregnant cause a miscarriage?