Potato dieters, slimmers... Is this diet harmful? Sour comments...

The potato diet has been getting a lot of attention in recent days. So we've done some research on this for you. We examined the reviews of those who diet potatoes and those who lose weight thanks to this diet. We looked for answers to confusing questions such as whether it is beneficial or harmful in terms of health, how to prepare and for how long. What was said about this diet in the sour dictionary we summarized for you. Let's go to our article if you wish.

How to prepare potato fasting and how long should it be applied?

Do not think that a complex answer will come in return when asked how to prepare a potato diet, quite simple, but you should leave the diet after 3 days, and when doing this diet you must have drunk approximately 2 liters of water at the end of the day. Never extend the diet period. After 3 days, continue to feed in normal order. You can follow this diet from time to time if you wish, but if you have any health problems, you may need to avoid following the diet, so it is imperative that you consult your doctor.

1 in the Potato Diet. Day

Morning: You should eat 4 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 from boiled pota
toes Lunch: 4 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 from boiled potatoes Evening
: You should eat 8 tablespoons of yogurt

2 in the Potato Diet. Day

Morning: You should eat 4 tablespoons of
yogurt Lunch: 3 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 from boiled potatoes Even
ing: You should eat 8 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 from boiled potatoes

3 in the Potato Diet. Day

Morning: You should eat 1 of the boiled potat
oes, you should eat 3 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 of the boiled potatoesA
kss: You should eat 4 tablespoons of yogurt

Is the potato diet harmful?

The answer to questions such as whether the potato diet is harmful or beneficial usually depends on the frequency and health of your diet. But in general, the harms of potato fasting can be briefly listed in substances as follows:

  • It can cause weakness.
  • You can get tired quickly.
  • It can cause dizziness.
  • If applied for a long time, it can affect the appearance of various health problems due to malnutrition.
  • Since it can cause negative effects of diabetics, it is useful for those who have diabetes not to follow this diet.

What do potato dieters and slimmers comment on?

Reviews compiled from forums of potato dieters are as follows in the form of excerpts:

I signed up just to write about it, friends:) I did the potato diet a week before Christmas. I lost 10 pounds in a week. I'm a man who can't do strict regimens. My blood pressure drops, my eye darkens normally, but there's no startion or low blood pressure in this diet. I believe you can al
l do it easily. The next thing I know, the clothes I bought are plentiful, I started eating and I got back what I'm getting now in about 12 days.... As
of today, I'm starting again. Besides, I'm going to play sports. I'm sure I'll give you more than 3.5. When you exercise, you can almost give 2 times more than you would normally give... I'll
write down the developments... But for those of you who want to start and can't decide; a diet where you will not be inconclusive... I kiss you all...


I read it on the net, and I was thinking about writing it down here, and I did it at one point, and it's a pretty full diet, I've lost 10 pounds, I'm going to do it again, I've got a Hollywood diet, but for the first two days my blood pressure was 6 and 4, so I let it go.


Women's club for potato dieters

Such diets are very harmful, friends. Maybe you'll lose weight, but due to the lack of a lot of nutrients, there are all kinds of complications in the body. It's very bad for your hair, your digestive system. The body has certain values of vitamins, proteins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates that it must take every day. If you don't reduce the amount of calories with the diet and keep taking these values, you'll get sick. Maybe it won't come out at first, but you'll do a lot of damage to your body by doing diets like this over the years. For example, eating only potatoes for a week means not taking an ounce of protein into the body. Can you live w
ith one potato for a week? You get exactly twice the duration of the diet at most. Isn't it a sh
ame?Mixed diets are healthier. Consult a dietitian, now it's in camel hospitals. I
wish everyone well.


I'm very happy that I've lost 4 kilos now, I've walked 30 times while on a kaydirigubbakcemile2 diet, I've drunk plenty of hot water, I've never felt hungry on potato days, but I've had a little difficulty in the days of fruit, and I want
to do it again in a month if it doesn't take so long. kaydirigubbakcemile3


I've fallen from 72 to 68 and I'm going to keep this weight for a month because they said it would be bad for your health, and I've been weighed for 7 days, and I've always been overweight, so my permanent weight gains are coming up as if those who have recently gained a weight gain will give me easier, let's see, friends who have done it, I wish you patience because I've had a hard time.


Potato diet Sour dictionary reviews

The comments made in the sour dictionary about the potato diet are as follows:

It's the type of diet I came across years ago when I decided to lose weight and researched a diet that didn't involve fish, red meat, tuna every day online. the diet consists of boiled potatoes. It's already been warned not to try for a long time, but I don't think a human being should ever try it. It's like, "Oh, my God.

morning: 2 boiled pot
atoes: 3 boiled potat
oes: 2 boiled potatoes

yes, there's nothing else.


it is a diet that diabetics should definitely avoid. In fact, considering how widespread the sugar imbalance is, it is the diet that we should all avoid. I know a guy who ended up in the hospital trying to diet with potatoes. That's all I've got.


I'd like you to read the nutrition part here in particular. When you eat enough potatoes, you can live a healthy and long life with only vitamin a and d supplements. Contrary to what most people predict, potatoes are not an empty calorie bomb, or even a very useful food with a water content of close to 80% and a high mineral and vitamin content. The relatively low but high quality protein content will be enough for you when eaten in sufficient quantities.


It is recommended by dietitians to unlock to clients who experience lockdown during long dietary processes. you do it for a week, not your whole life, then you go back to various diets. And yes, it really works. I've tried and seen.


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