Do herbal teas cause miscarriage and premature birth? Which are the teas?

In this article on whether herbal teas cause miscarriage and premature birth, we will touch on the negative effects of natural teas, which should be especially considered during pregnancy.

Plants that are said to be produced naturally or at home teas created by brewing can cause major problems in pregnancy. Especially problems such as miscarriage and premature birth of these herbal teas can trigger it. Dr. Hakan Çoksüer Milliyet explained the risk in this regard in his explanations, according to him, herbal teas The main problems that can be experienced during pregnancy are:

  • Herbal teas cause a miscarriage Can.
  • It can trigger premature birth.
  • Harm to the development of the baby Can.
  • It can increase uterine contractions.
  • It can lower the rate of folic acid.

ShortList of Herbal Teas and Plants That Cause Miscarriage

  • Nettle
  • Saffron
  • Cinnamon
  • Thyme
  • Cumin
  • Senna

What to Do Against the Harms of Herbal Teas

  • There should be plenty of water.
  • Fruit tea or herbal tea name products underneath should not be used.
  • Juice instead of herbal teas Consumable.
  • Up to one glass a day green tea can be consumed.
  • All kinds of food eaten content must be checked.
  • Milk can be consumed.
  • Black is known without overdoing it you can consume it from tea.

Herbal teas cause a miscarriage

Experts' opinions on whether herbal tea causes miscarriage it reveals a clear answer. If you've had too many miscarriages and are troubled if you are going through a pregnancy process, absolutely no herbal tea, tea or do not consume coffee.

Natural methods for treating flu without consulting your doctor do not apply during pregnancy. Useful properties in many plants as well as side effects. Especially the above mentioned plants cause miscarriage, premature birth, as well as damage to the development of the baby Can.

Herbal teas and any natural treatment methods may not have been subjected to scientific study. That's why sometimes it's more than drugs. get the right information about them even though they have bad side effects is not possible.

Flu and colds during pregnancy

Herbal teas during pregnancy are especially preferred in the treatment of diseases such as flu, cough and colds. However, these plants also have harmful effects. Be sure to go to the doctor for flu and similar complaints during pregnancy, which is one of the periods that should be considered the most. Because there are many drugs that have been tested for side effects that can be used especially by pregnant women.

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