What are the Benefits of Eggplant Stalk? What Is the Stalk of Eggplant Good for?

In our article on what are the benefits of eggplant stalks, we examined in detail about the history of eggplant, its nutritional values and the benefits of its stem.

Eggplant, B.C. It was first grown in India in the 5th century. Spread through the silk road trade to Africa and Eastern Europe, eggplant emerges from flowers that grow as large as a small tree. Eggplant, which was used as an ornamental plant in the first years of cultivation, has also been consumed and diversified as food over the years. Since our country has many seasons and has many types of soil, it is at the forefront of growing eggplants compared to other countries. It is also far ahead of other countries in eggplant consumption.

What are the Nutritional Values of Eggplant?

100 grams of eggplant is only 24 calories. Also 100 grams 1.1 grams protein, 2 grams of fat, and 5.5 grams of carbohydrates in eggplant is available. In 100 grams of eggplant in terms of vitamin content; 30 IU A vitamin, 0.4 mg vitamin B1, 0.5 mg vitamin B2 and 5 mg vitamin C is available. There is also a very small amount of nitoxin in the content of eggplant.

Recently, the stem as well as the stem of the eggplant turned out to be useful. The stem is all vitamins from the soil and hemorrhoids in the first place when the stems are boiled and consumed, as they contain minerals hair, skin, immune system and many more systems benefits. So the benefits of eggplant stalks What are they?

What are the Benefits of Eggplant Stalk?

Eggplant, one of the most useful nutrients of the winter months counting the benefits of eggplant stalks as well as It's not over. Among them, the most well-known are as follows:

1- Eye with vitamins A and B2 containing eggplant stem it is very effective in its health. These vitamins contain a high amount of eggplant stalk in the nerves of the eye when consumed regularly for 5 days supports the regeneration of deformed cells in a short time. In addition, the cornea weakened by environmental factors reduces vision loss by helping to strengthen it.

2- Eggplant stem is a strong source of fiber, making the digestive system work more comfortably. Since the fat content is quite small, eggplant stalk also helps to weaken when boiled and consumed. This effect is also provided by feeling satisfactory. It is good for conditions that reduce the quality of life, such as constipation, in individuals who consume eggplant water before breakfast. It also removes harmful bacteria from the intestines from the body. The eggplant stem, which is effective in regenerating all its digestion, is one of the nutrients that is effective in balancing stomach acid. Thanks to this feature, it prevents the occurrence of disorders such as ulcers, gastritis and reflux.

Is The Stem of Eggplant Good for Anemia?

3- Benefits of eggplant stalk it's good for anemia. Eggplant stalk, after spinach it is the food richest in iron. When iron material decreases in the body causes ailments such as anemia, which can lead to fatigue, stress and triggers mental disorders such as depression. So the eggplant stalk, in addition to preventing anemia, it also allows the bones to expand. Experts the consumption of the water of the eggplant stem, especially during adolescence and menstruation Proposes.

4- Eggplant stalk, which is rich in antioxidants, helps to eliminate all toxins in the body through the urinary tract. Especially it provides the excretion of fatty toxins accumulated in the liver. Besides eggplant stem, which is also effective in self-regenerating skin cells, it supports the appearance of brighter and younger.

5- Eggplant stem balances insulin levels to prevents the instantaneous rise of sugar and prevents the risk of developing diabetes Reduces.

6- It is also good for hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, which are common today and affect the quality of life very negatively. This is perhaps the most well-known feature among the benefits of eggplant stalk. For hemorrhoid cure; After boiling 4 eggplant stalks and 4 cups of water well in the pot, it is removed from the heat without opening the lid and left to cool. Cooling water is good for individuals suffering from hemorrhoids when filtered and drunk.

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