How to Lower High Blood Pressure? What's Good for High Blood Pressure at Home?

The question of how to lower high blood pressure is one of the questions that hypertension patients are curious about for natural and herbal methods. In this article, we tried to answer the question of what is good for high blood pressure in detail. How to Lower High Blood Pressure? High blood pressure, as the name suggests, is the increase… Daha fazla oku

What are the Harms of Chips? Is My Corn Chips More Harmful Than My Potato Chips?

The harms of chips can occur with side effects to cholesterol, blood pressure, weight gain and even skin. How unhealthy are the chips and additives that are frequently discussed in media such as sour dictionary and Women's Club? We have answered all the questions for you, such as my corn chips, my potato chips are more harmful, which type of… Daha fazla oku

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar to Hair Harms: Does Vinegar Shed Whole Hair?

We tried to answer questions such as how apple cider vinegar is applied to dandruff hair, whether it sheds hair, whether it is harmful to put apple cider vinegar in shampoo by compiling the opinions and user reviews of experts in the field such as Ibrahim Saraçoglu, Suna Dumankaya, Ender Saraç. Benefits and Harms of Apple Cider Vinegar to Hair… Daha fazla oku

Benefits of Potato Juice to The Skin Harms: Acne, Wrinkles and Whitening

The benefits of potato juice to the skin are often expressed by many people who specialize in plants, such as Ibrahim Saraçoglu. Cures and masks, which can be created with both raw and boiled potato juice, can be used in face applications for wrinkle-relieving effect, acne and acne cleaning. However, there are user reviews and suggestions in the Women's Club… Daha fazla oku

What is the Treatment, Symptoms and Surgery of Large Intestine Obstruction?

Treatment of large bowel obstruction aims to improve the intestinal problem that occurs due to various causes and diseases. Those who encounter such problems are curious about the risks of large bowel obstruction, what are the risks of large bowel obstruction surgery, symptoms of obstruction of the large intestine and what is drug treatment. In this article, we have compiled… Daha fazla oku

How to Pass The Constant Wink Tiki? Causes and Treatment of Eye Twitching

Constant wink tiki can occur for many reasons. While winking can also be perceived as an obsession that can concern many specializations in psychology from the field of neurology, some cases are based entirely on physical problems. In this regard, there are questions about how to pass the constant obsession with winking, whether there is herbal treatment, what are the… Daha fazla oku

Anise Tea Benefits, Harms, How to Brew, Drink During Pregnancy?

Anise tea is a herbal tea that is often questioned about its benefits, harms and how many glasses can be drunk per day. Many people are also curious about whether anise tea can be used in infants and children. In this article, we discussed the benefits of anise tea, side effects, the drugs it interacts with, whether anise tea can… Daha fazla oku

Benefits of Cumin Tea Harms and How to Prepare Cumin Tea?

The benefits of cumin tea are curious, since its harms are preferred for many diseases. Although the origin of cumin dates back to Egypt, it was also widely used by Indians. Cumin treats sore throat, colds, arthritis, and also helps digestion. Even cumin grass is known as a natural detox plant. You can only benefit from the benefits of cumin… Daha fazla oku

I Exercise But I Can't Lose Weight, I Can't Lose Weight Why?

If you say you're exercising but can't lose weight or even gain weight, read the rest of our article to understand why and relax a little. Because knowing the reasons is the first step to finding a solution. I Exercise But Can't Lose Weight I'm exercising, but I can't lose weight. you should know the reasons before you get depressed… Daha fazla oku

How Long Should Calluse Burn Stop? How and How Many Days Is Calluse Tape Applied?

How long should callus burn stand and how to apply callus tape what are the user reviews? We have researched the questions about the calluse tape for you. Salicylic acid in some calluses causes the calluses to peel gradually. This substance provides peeling by increasing the humidity of the skin and dissolving the substances that hold the cells in the… Daha fazla oku

Egg and Olive Oil Hair Mask Benefits, Recipe and Application

The benefits of eggs and olive oil hair masks are unbelievable, in fact eggs alone are good for hair, but adding olive oil takes the hair mask to another level. The moisturizing benefits of olive oil interact well with the strengthening effects of eggs. Olive oil makes the hair soft, silky and smooth, and also prevents dryness on the scalp.… Daha fazla oku


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Does Sesame Raise Cholesterol? Benefits of Sesame to Cholesterol Harms

The question of whether sesame raises cholesterol is one of the question marks in the minds of people suffering from high cholesterol. Although sesame seeds are used in pastries and buns, they can also have healthy benefits for the heart. However, there are concerns that it can raise cholesterol as well as benefits. Does Sesame Raise Cholesterol? The health benefits… Daha fazla oku

KneeCap Fluid Loss Herbal Solution and Natural Treatment Methods at Home

Kneecap fluid loss herbal solution recommendations are one of the first alternatives to those who are afraid of medical intervention. So, are there really herbal mixtures and natural cures that will be good for the dehydration of the kneecap? Here we have compiled for you all these questions and researches for those who are curious about the subject. KneeCap Fluid… Daha fazla oku

Is Fish Oil Good for Rheumatism? How to Use For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Is fish oil good for rheumatism? Does fish oil work in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis? Do fish oils benefit from rheumatism pains? The answers to your questions are a matter of curiosity. In this article, we looked for answers to the questions that were asked. Is Fish Oil Good for Rheumatism? The answer to the question of whether fish… Daha fazla oku

What are the Benefits of Soda to Acne? Is Baking Soda Good for Acne?

Although the benefits of soda to acne are not well known, they have become increasingly popular in recent times. Usually to get rid of bad odors, you can keep soda, baking soda or carbonate in the refrigerator, add it to pastries for fermentation purposes or use it as a home remedy for reflux. But do acne soda have benefits? What… Daha fazla oku

What Is Good for Coronavirus? Medicines for Covid-19 at Home, Natural Herbal Treatment

Many questions are asked, such as what is good for the coronavirus, how to pass the corona or how to protect it from the corona. We have researched for you the most accurate information about the covid-19 pandemic, where a lot of information pollution has occurred in recent times. What Is Good for Coronavirus, How the Corona Passes A clear… Daha fazla oku

Is Blackberry Syrup Good for Throat Infection and Tonsil Swelling?

Is blackberry syrup beneficial for throat infection? Are the benefits of blackberry syrup good for tonsillitis and swelling? Such questions are asked quite frequently in the last period. In this article, we included detailed research results on this syrup, which is said to be useful for inflammation in the throat. Is Blackberry Syrup Beneficial for Throat Infection? Blackberry syrup is… Daha fazla oku

How Does Faranjit Sore Throat Go? Tonsillitis Caused by Pharyngitis

The question of how to pass the pharyngitis sore throat is asked more, especially in winter in extremely cold weather. Pharyngitis is a disease that usually occurs as a result of irritation of the airways in cold weather and damage caused by excessively hot food consumption. Pharyngitis as a medical explanation; inflammation of the mucous membranes located behind the throat… Daha fazla oku

Is It Harmful to Wash Too Much Hair? How Often Should Hair Be Washed By Type?

The question of the harmfulness of washing too much hair is among those who care about hair cleaning. Perhaps you may have heard that shampooing less is better for your hair or that you should not wash hair often for healthier, better looking hair. But is it really harmful to wash hair too often and in large quantities? Is It… Daha fazla oku

How, How Many Days Does Laryngitis Cough In Babies Go With Herbal Treatment?

Does laryngitis cough in babies pass with herbal natural treatment, how and how many days does it pass? We answered questions such as what causes laryngitis in babies, what are its symptoms and what is good for them under headings. What is Laryngitis in Babies? Laryngitis laryngeal larynx or vocal cords in infants and around inflammation of the area, irritation… Daha fazla oku

What are the harms of technology to nature? Technology and Environment

The harms of technology to nature can be ignored due to the excitement of developing and using new technologies. Many of the technologies we use every day consume much more resources and power than they need, and using and producing them can create a great mess on nature. In this article, we will examine the environmental damages of the technological… Daha fazla oku

Does Penicillin Cause Allergies? Test, Symptoms, Treatment of Antibiotic Allergy.

We have compiled the answers to questions such as whether penicillin causes allergies, what is penicillin allergy allergy treatment, how to do penicillin allergy test and when to do penicillin allergy test, penicillin allergy skin tests, what are the symptoms of penicillin allergy, how to monitor the symptoms of long-term penicillin allergy, side effects without allergic reaction in penicillin, what… Daha fazla oku

How Many Days Does Rosemary Oil Thin Belly and Leg Regional Slimming?

Is rosemary oil an oil that melts the leg, hips and belly, which is used for regional slimming? Using vegetable oils for regional slimming is a matter of curiosity about its benefits and harms. In addition to the question of whether rosemary oil weakens, among the most popular searches are questions such as how many days does rosemary oil thin… Daha fazla oku

What are the Recommendations for Gum Swelling Ibrahim Saraçoglu Herbal Cure?

How is gum swelling treated with cures recommended by Ibrahim Saraçoglu? Did Ibrahim Saraçoglu recommend pomegranate and sage against gum swelling and inflammation? We have researched the answers to such questions and more for you. What are the Recommendations of Gum Swelling Ibrahim Saraçoglu? Gum swelling is especially recommended by Ibrahim Saraçoglu if it is due to inflammation, it stands… Daha fazla oku

Croup Cough Herbal Treatment and Natural Methods That Can Be Applied at Home

What are the herbal treatment methods of croup cough? How is croup herbal treatment evaluated by experts such as Ibrahim Saraçoglu, does vicks, ventolin and ventoline syrup benefit? A review has been made for you by evaluating the scientific, natural methods of topics such as how to distinguish the sound of croup cough and the shares on platforms such as… Daha fazla oku

Hair Extension with Rosemary Grass: Does Rosemary Weed Oil Cure Grow Hair?

Hair extension methods with rosemary grass are of interest. Growing your hair and keeping it healthy is not an easy task. The biggest concern that most people have when growing their hair is to keep the hair harmless and healthy. The benefits of rosemary grass to hair can help at this point. In this article, we discussed the benefits of… Daha fazla oku

Is it harmful to drink fennel tea during pregnancy? Fennel in Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

The question of the harmfulness of drinking fennel tea during pregnancy is asked quite often. Fennel tea is more commonly raised, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Various information shares are also made by fennel drinkers and those who use other products, and on platforms that include comments from leading people in the field such as expert TV and those who… Daha fazla oku

Does Garlic Ginger Weaken the Diet? How and For How Long?

Questions such as garlic ginger weaken the diet have been asked quite often in recent times. Thanks to the benefits of garlic and ginger in weight loss, diet and weight loss do not have to be boring. Just adding ginger, garlic and lemon to lose weight can make meals a little tastier and even healthier. Here's how these spicy, sharp… Daha fazla oku

Does cloves weaken? Clove Cinnamon Cumin Ginger Tea to Lose Weight

The question of carnation weakening is at the top of what those who want to lose weight expect answers. Although many people consume this spice almost every day, they are unaware of the amazing benefits it provides, including weight loss . This aromatic spice is also rich in many nutrients, including carbohydrates, protein and dietary fiber, as well as how… Daha fazla oku

Does Olive Oil Soap Make Hair Lush? Benefits of Olive Oil Soap

Questions such as whether olive oil soap makes hair lush or remove hair are among those who wonder the answer of those who have lost their hair. Olive oil soap is known for its wonderful properties. Although olive trees are mostly grown in the Mediterranean region, the oil extracted from the tree is used in many areas all over the… Daha fazla oku

What are the Harms of Blackhead Weed? Harm and Side Effects of Blackhead Grass

The harms and benefits of blackhead grass are among the most curious topics. The other name of the blackhead grass is lavender. Many products obtained from blackhead grass are used in the field of health and cosmetics. For example, it is thought that blackhead oil has antiseptic effects that can be used in early improvement of insect bites and relief… Daha fazla oku

Cell Phone Base Station Damages: Cell Towers Radiation

There's been a long-standing debate about cell phone cell tower damage. The cause of various disturbances seen in the inhabitants of the base station is usually attributed to the radiation allegedly emitted by these stations. Well, really, are cell phone cell towers showing harmful and health-disrupting effects, we've addressed this issue in light of scientific research. What are the Harms… Daha fazla oku

Will Coffee Lower Blood Pressure? How Much Coffee Can Blood Pressure Patients Drink?

The question of whether coffee lowers blood pressure is among the wonders of those who have blood pressure problems. In this article, we will talk about the effect of coffee on reducing and raising blood pressure and who should not consume coffee in what situations. Will Coffee Lower Blood Pressure? The question of whether coffee lowers blood pressure may actually… Daha fazla oku

Benefits of Raw Potatoes to the Eye: Is Frozen Potato Applied to the Eye?

The benefits of raw potatoes to the eye are not well known. Waking up with swollen eyes is quite common and easy to treat. Use chilled slices of raw potatoes to provide enough and get rid of bloating. Icy compresses, such as chilled green or black tea bags, can help soothe fluffy and irritated eyes. But these also contain irritating… Daha fazla oku

How to Make and Weaken Ginger Turmeric Cinnamon Diet Tea Recipe?

Many questions are asked, such as how to make a ginger turmeric cinnamon diet, weight loss or weakening. In this article, we shared what effects the tea curd consisting of cinnamon turmeric and ginger has on weight loss and its mountainous benefits. How to Make a Ginger Turmeric Cinnamon Diet And Does it weaken? Ginger turmeric cinnamon diet or tea… Daha fazla oku

Benefits of Nettle Soap to Hair: Eczema, Dandruff and Hair Loss

The benefits of nettle soap to hair do not end with counting. Nettle soap, which has very beneficial effects especially in skin rashes and dandruff problems caused by skin problems such as eczema, also has healthy effects for hair. In this article, we have detailed what benefits natural soap made from nettles has on hair and skin. Benefits of Nettle… Daha fazla oku

Fat-Burning Foods While Sleeping, Cure and Sleep-Weakening Mix

Fat-burning foods while you sleep provide a source of cures and mixtures that allow you to lose weight and lose weight at night. In this article, we touched on details about sleep-weakening cures and foods. Fat-Burning Foods While Sleeping We all know that eating regularly late at night can lead to weight gain. This is especially true if you are… Daha fazla oku

Washing Hands, Faces and Hair with Dishwashing Detergent, Is It Harmful to Wash?

The answers to questions such as hand washing, face and hair washing pest with dishwashing detergent, what are the drawbacks and side effects of using dishwashing detergent in hand, face and hair cleaning are curious. In this article, we investigated the place of dishwashing detergents in personal hygiene and their harm to health. Is It Harmful to Wash Your Hands… Daha fazla oku

Breast Augmentation by Natural Means – Breast Augmentation by Herbal Methods

Natural breast augmentation methods are of interest to those who prefer non-surgical breast augmentation methods. It is possible to say that you inherited your breast size from your family, but it is also possible to make breasts larger than they are. If you do not plan to be surgically strengthened, there are many ways to increase breast size naturally. Exercising,… Daha fazla oku

Juniper Tar Soap Benefits for Mother of Pearl with Ibrahim Saraçoglu Comment

Juniper tar soap was expressed by Ibrahim Saraçoglu and received a lot of attention among the public. Juniper tar soap is sometimes recommended to alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis, such as itching and inflammation. There is also pine tar soap and charcoal tar soap, which are used outside juniper tar to treat psoriasis. Juniper Tar Soap With Ibrahim Saraçoglu Review… Daha fazla oku

What are the Harms of Nescafe? Is It Harmful to Drink Neskafe 3-in-1?

The harms and side effects of nescafe are among the topics of interest. In particular, 3-in-1 calories and 3-in-1 side effects are frequently investigated. In this article, we will talk about the harmful effects of instant coffees. According to the available data, moderately consumed coffee has no negative effect on health, when consumed excessively (more than 300 g) various harmful… Daha fazla oku

Does a 1,000 Calorie Diet Weaken? Is It Harmful to Eat 1,000 Calories a Day?

Does a 1,000-calorie diet weaken, is it harmful or beneficial to lose weight by taking 1000 calories a day? We tried to answer your questions for you. In the simplest analysis, consuming more energy than you get or taking fewer calories than you spend can lead to weight loss, but very low calories can actually weaken your weight loss efforts… Daha fazla oku

Rosehip Seed Oil: Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil to The Skin

Rosehip seed oil, or rosehip seed oil, was used by ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans for skin cleansing and general healing properties. Containing provitamin A (mostly bata-Carotene) and tretinoin (up to .357ml/L) or all-trans-retinoic acid, this versatile oil keeps the skin soft and flexible while reducing the appearance of blemishes and scars. Rosehip Seed Oil Rosehip Seed Oil, bright… Daha fazla oku

Is It Harmful to Apply Acetone to the Face? The Drawback of Skin Cleansing with Acetone

Is it harmful to apply acetone to the face, what are the benefits and side effects of acetone on the skin? We tried to answer questions about the application of acetone to the face, such as whether using acetone for facial cleansing would damage the skin. Is It Harmful to Apply Acetone to the Face? Curiosity about riding acetone on… Daha fazla oku

How does gas pain go during pregnancy? Causes and Treatment of Gas Pain

We have prepared a detailed article about intestinal and stomach problems that cause abdominal pain during pregnancy, such as how to distinguish between gas pain and labor pain during pregnancy, what are the causes, symptoms and natural treatment methods of gas pain during pregnancy. Gas Pain in Pregnancy Gas pain during pregnancy, women's morning sickness and it is one of… Daha fazla oku

Benefits and Harms of Ginger Tea During Pregnancy: Does Ginger Misleas?

We have investigated questions such as what are the benefits and harms of ginger tea during pregnancy, are there drawbacks to drinking ginger tea during pregnancy, whether pregnant women can drink ginger tea, how much and how many side effects do not occur when pregnant women consume ginger tea per day. Benefits and Harms of Ginger Tea during Pregnancy The… Daha fazla oku

Clove Oil Benefits Harms, Place of Use and Shape of Clove Oil

In this article on the benefits of clove oil, its properties, place of use and shape, we will talk about the various effects of this beautiful oil obtained from cloves. The benefits of clove oil have a positive effect not only on your health, but also on your lifestyle. It is known to treat various infections and is also great… Daha fazla oku

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits, Harms, Use and Properties

Pumpkin seed oil is a very curious type of oil in terms of its benefits, harms and use. This oil from pumpkin seeds is also called pepita oil. This oil is sold as edible oil and as a health supplement. Research shows that pumpkin seed oil can prevent and reverse hair loss, alleviate menopause symptoms, improve prostate and heart health,… Daha fazla oku

Benefits, Harms and Side Effects of Drinking Lavender Tea

The benefits and harms of lavender tea are among the most curious topics. Lavender is one of the most popular fragrances in the world. From lavender essential oil to lavender soaps and teas, this vibrant purple flower is used in many areas. The calming effects of lavender tea stand out, which makes it the perfect pre-sleep tea. Lavender tea offers… Daha fazla oku