What Do Those Who Use Organic Makeup Products Say? Useful Cosmetic Reviews

What do those who use organic makeup say? As a result of various researches, we have tried to compile user reviews and pass them on to you. First of all, you will see the list of companies as to which brands produce natural cosmetic products. You will be able to read the main consumer reviews about these companies in the rest of the article.

Major Brands Producing Organic Makeup Products

The main companies producing Organic Makeup Products are:

  • Deborah (Not entirely natural)
  • Alverde,
  • Dr. Hauschka
  • Lavera,
  • Burt's Bees,
  • Alterra,
  • Physicians Formula,
  • Jane iredale,
  • Forever living,
  • Logona,
  • Farmasi.

Consumer Reviews for Deborah Organic Makeup Products

It is understood from user reviews that their products are useful. However, most consumers agree that the company's make-up is not 100% natural. However, it is also said that it has the closest level of content to nature. Check out deborah make-up on watsons page at: https://www.w

User Reviews about Alverde Makeup

Highly praised by a few users, Alverde products n11 can all be found in online stores such as here. It is especially included in the comments that it has creams that are effective in reducing under-eye bruises. However, some users also say that they do not get enough performance from these products.

Dr. User Experiences on Hauschka Organic Makeup Products

It is said that it is a company that has received many awards for natural health products, but it is emphasized that it is a little expensive compared to other products. He was also one of those companies that didn't experiment on animals. It's a branch of Wala that makes natural cosmetics. In general, the products are successful. Because they're natural, their expiration date is also short. Therefore, pay special attention to the expiration date when buying products of this brand.

Reviews about Lavera Natural Makeup

Paraben was a German cosmetics company that never used harmful substances such as lead and did not experiment on animals. It is considered cosmetic products that can be used even by pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is also said that the best natural cosmetic products in terms of price performance belong to this company. However, some users were not happy with their products, such as eyeliner.

Burt's Bees Brand Natural Cosmetics User Reviews

It is said to be gratifying when it comes to price. This company also does not prefer animal experiments when producing natural makeup materials. They don't use harmful substances like paraben, sulfate, oxybenzone, pthalate in their products. It is also stated that there are fragrant cosmetics with a wide range of products. The prices of the company, which is interpreted positively by most users, may vary because it depends on the currency.

User Reviews about Alterra

It is a company that has been praised for its prices, but its products are not very satisfied. Although there are negative comments that moisturizing cream causes sticky and acne, and foundation looks like mold, there are also positive comments about not experimenting on animals and their smell is beautiful.

Physicians Formula Natural Cosmetics Reviews

Many users express that they are very satisfied with the various products of this company. Turkey prices of products said to be affordable abroad are a bit expensive. However, it is one of the companies that have found the most positive reviews in our research. It has also been stated by some users that eyeliner and mascara are not very good among all their products.

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