What are the Benefits of Okra Seed? How to Make a Cure, Does It Weaken?

What are the benefits of okra seeds? Okra seed is a nebat that is mentioned quite often among the people today. What is good for okra seeds, what are their benefits? What is okra seed cure, how much does okra seed cost? In addition to a lot of vitamins, does okra seed containing zinc, calcium and iron have harms? Okra seeds are in the news

Where Do The Benefits of Okra Seed Come From?

As well as the benefits of okra vegetables, gumbo seeds are as healthy Did you know it was? Okra, a green flowering nebat, is low in calories therefore, in fasting meals and by those who want to eat healthily, option. Preference both as a hot dish and as an olive oil The seed of the gumbo is also very popular recently. Okra The rumor that his seed was good for knee pain quickly dissipated. Here's the gumbo the benefits of the seed, if the okra seed loses weight, the negative side of the okra seed effects, how to obtain okra seed curing, such as the issues that are curious and investigated Responses…


Okra seeds contain vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, it is quite rich in potassium, folic acid and calcium. Separately okra seed has a rich fiber content. The most important of okra seeds among the benefits of this high fiber content due to its satiation and fast it is the presence of weight loss effect.

  • Okra seeds, by the way, it is also used to balance the amount of sugar.
  • The growth of your cells Obstacles.
  • It defends the liver.
  • It prevents colon cancer.

By adding okra seeds to your meals, It's possible to prevent colon cancer, which opens the door to a health issue. To do this, click You can choose okra or okra seeds as vegetables, especially in summer.


Okra Juice: By resting the water of the okra for one night, after keep on the stove until the day reaches boiling, and then a warm you can consume it in a way that you can consume.

Okra Peel: Okra itself with lemon zest it will also be very useful to dust and consume together. Sun by soaking it underneath or drying it in the oven.

Okra Casserole: Okra in all kinds of meat or vegetable stews you can eat healthier meals and eat more you can get enough of it.

Okra Seeds in Soups: Only okra in your soups seeds or small sliced.


Okra seed has a lot of effect on slimming. Fibrous it keeps you full for a long time, is beneficial to your digestive system helps to remove the remnants of the intestine that have been stereotyped as you can easily lose weight.


Okra seeds are taken in the transfer or at home If you can grind it, you can grind it, and esthesus real honey and olive oil are added to it. This paste-shaped cure is hungry 30 to 35 minutes ahead of breakfast every day it is eaten in the amount of 1 teaspoon to the abdomen.

When this cure is eaten regularly for 1 month, you may have asthma problems can also be useful. The okra to be used in this cure is natural and should not be sprayed.

Numerous very useful contained in okra seeds Vitamin defends bone and heart health in the body.

Pregnancy thanks to folate contained in okra seed it is also easier to form.


The price of okra seeds, which can be encountered at many different prices, varies between 60 Lira and 200 liras on average.

For more okra information : https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bamya

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