What Causes Nasal Congestion? What's Good for Nasal Congestion?

Nasal congestion is usually caused by ear, nose, throat disorders, allergies due to seasonal transitions and upper respiratory tract infections. Breathing through the nose is very important for a healthy life. Because breathing through the nose; it provides aeration of the middle ear and has an important role in the processing of olfactory functions. Therefore, nasal health is quite important.

Nose congestion disorder, people of all ages Affects. Especially babies and children, nasal congestion conditions, so that he can breathe healthily and do not block while breathing must be intervened. Nose to be given as a result of a doctor's examination the children's noses should be opened with sprays. Also, babies and for children, which will open the blockages and lead to congestion in the nose; there are apparatus to attract dried currents, with the help of these apparatus the solution to the problem of nasal congestion Ensured.

Causes of Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion can develop later, as well as various may live as a result of diseases. Also innate nose the causes of congestion are covered. Below, causing nasal congestion the reasons are listed.

  • Bone and cartilage curvatures nose congestion. In the medical language, this condition called deviation the solution is surgical operation. The state of deviation is innate in man as well as after trauma and injury to the nose can occur.
  • Nasal flesh swelling causes nasal congestion can be. It is one of the most common causes and treatment of surgery operation. Among the public, this condition is called meat growth. But surgical intervention is not always a definitive solution because meat growth it can develop again. This often leads to difficult breathing, sleep-snoring and causes sleep with the mouth open.
  • Allergic due to seasonal transitions disorders can cause nasal congestion. Therefore, allergy Nasal sprays to be used throughout the treatment of home allergy medications Used.
  • Sinusitis disorder to nasal congestion causes.

What's Good for Nasal Congestion?

  • In smoking and smoking environments breathing air is a condition that damages the upper respiratory tract, so the nose in case of congestion, smoking should be stopped and should not be settled.
  • Milk consumption increases the production of mucus. This therefore nasal congestion milk consumption should be limited in cases.
  • Prepared with a mixture of ginger and lemon herbal teas serve to open nasal congestion.
  • Sea salt good for nasal congestion is coming. Solutions containing sea salt are available in pharmacies. This Other than natural means, it will be good to draw the sea water under your nose and sniff it out.
  • People with nasal congestion it is beneficial that they are under damp air in their environment. This steam machines can be used or boiling water in the room can be kept.
  • Plenty during periods of nasal congestion plenty of vitamin C should be consumed.
  • In babies with nasal congestion, nasal spray given with doctor's advice first to clean mucus then use a nasal aspitaror to attract mucus Must.

Nasal Congestion during Pregnancy

Mention of nasal congestion disorder that develops exclusively only to pregnant women can be the subject of. This condition is called pregnancy. Pregnancy the second month of pregnancy or the last sixth month of pregnancy. week. This is temporary and is generally two weeks then the complaints stop on their own. But sometimes, pregnancy pregnancy that lasts throughout and does not pass, but ends with the termination of the pregnancy he also has a pulse. This situation is completely personal.

This can lead to oral sleep and snoring during nighttime sleep. In addition, with this congestion, runny nose may also develop. In this case, patients with nasal congestion and discharge should consult a specialist Doctor and start treatment.

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