Before and After Having a Nose Job, They Will Be Considered

Nose aesthetics are performed both in terms of health and for beautiful appearance, but there are some elements that should be considered for the positive result of nose aesthetics. The nose is one of the most important organs that people have for breathing and smelling. In addition to its functional features, its aesthetic properties are also very important. Its importance is understood when considering that it is the first area in the middle of the face that stands out when faced with people.

Nose Aesthetics and Important Elements

Aesthetically beautiful nose concept a certain frame is not in it. Beautiful nose sizes e shape person-to-person change Shows. In order to have an aesthetic face, every it is not enough that the area is beautiful separately. Aesthetics of all regions have a beautiful structure and be in harmony with each other Requires. Therefore, besides the beautiful nose shape, with other parts of the face it must also have a whole harmony.

Nose aesthetics What should be the right time?

Young people who are in adolescence live with their noses problems can sometimes have advanced psychological effects. This therefore, every young person should have a nose job immediately after puberty he can ask for it. However, parents need to be sensitive about this and It is always the right way for them to decide with a surgeon who is good at his job.

Nose aesthetics what should be the right method?

Nose aesthetics are surgical interventions performed under general anesthesia. After the examination and healthy dialogues between the surgeon patient, the method of aesthetic operation is determined. Procedures performed in nose aesthetics may be nose reduction or may be to correct deformities. In nose reduction procedures, refractive or filing is performed on the nasal bones. This process may vary according to the deformation in the nose and is a condition that the surgeon must decide.

Nose Reduction Process

The more fractures made in the bone structure during the reduction process, the more bruises, swellings and pain there are after the operation. Therefore, many surgeons prefer to shape with the method of filing, even if the operation takes a long time. In shape correction procedures, bone and cartilage excesses are removed or if there is a deficiency or pit, filling is made with bone and cartilage parts. These applications are easier than reductions. The most accurate method is the one decided by the surgeon you have chosen after all the necessary checks have been made.

Nose aesthetics what should be the right care afterwards?

After nasal aesthetics, patients are usually discharged on the same day. However, the bandages and tampons on the noses can remain for three or four days. During this time, the nose should not take any kind of impact. Bathing is not suitable during this time. Bathing is allowed after the tampons are removed. Bruises and pain may occur on the face after surgical intervention. In order to be protected from these, it is in your best use to use the painkillers given by the surgeon. The swelling of the nose will not pass immediately. It can take up to six months for the latest swelling to disappear. In this case, the full healing process is six months, during which time the nose should be protected against all external effects.

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