What are the benefits and harms of menengic coffee, how is it made?

Before we move on to the benefits and harms of menengic coffee, let's briefly start with a short answer to the question of what is menengic coffee.

Menengic is known in our country by various names such as cedene, herbicide, snaps and fencing. It grows in places where the Mediterranean climate prevails. Menengic plant, which develops up to 10 meters in length, is consumed as coffee in our country. Although there are many health benefits for meneng, it is sold not only as coffee, but also in various ways.

Benefits of Menengic Coffee

Menengic coffee has many smokers in our country. Menengic plant has many benefits in terms of both taste and health. Benefits of menengic coffee;

  • It's good for lung inflammation.
  • It is a preventive solution for shortness of breath, cough, phlegm formation and bronchitis.
  • It is good for the vocal cords and destroys bad breath and foot sweating.
  • It is good for kidney sac stones and balances blood sugar.
  • It relieves stomach pains.
  • Since it is an oily drink, it prevents cardiovascular hardening by lowering cholesterol in the blood due to its high level of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids.

Harms of Menengic Coffee

Menengic coffee losses in search engines more benefits are encountered when searched. Plenty of identified and proven menengic plant containing amounts of vitamin B and E the overuse of each plant and, unconsciously, by experts that consuming can be more harmful than good Said.

How to Make Menengic Coffee?

Menengic fruits collected before menengic coffee is made are washed and dried in places with plenty of sun. Dried fruits are roasted until they change color and crushed until they have the consistency of paste. For those who ask how to make Menengic coffee, its construction is actually not very different from Turkish coffee. A teaspoon of Menengic coffee per person should be placed in the coffee pot. Then a cup of water or milk should be added to it per person. Those who want to make it with milk can use Menengic coffee more than 1 teaspoon per person. After the coffee pot is placed on the stove, it should be mixed until it heats up, then the mixing process should be stopped. The foam should be served divided into cups.

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