The Harms of Sleeping with Makeup and Considerations

The harms of sleeping with makeup will discourage you from this habit. We have compiled for you the issues to be considered when it comes to makeup cleaning and the risks of sleeping with makeup.

The Harms of Sleeping With Makeup

Make-up is done to give women beauty and bring their true beauty to the forefront. Make-up: makes women look more attractive and sexy while their self-esteem increases. Therefore, women wear makeup at every opportunity and constantly renew makeup because they love their make-up. When the makeup made in private meetings, weddings, friend meetings is cleaned, it damages the skin, skin pores and the subcutaneous substance, which has a nourishing properties. Therefore, when you are done with makeup, you should wipe your makeup and do skin cleansing. Most of the time we go to bed without getting cold or cleaning our makeup. When you go to bed without cleaning your makeup, you face these problems in terms of your skin.

8 Situations When You Sleep With Makeup

1 ) Skin, physiologically during the time period when your body is working minimalistically it renews itself. Pores in areas with makeup when you sleep with makeup the skin cannot regenerate and due to the fact that the skin pores are full and cannot be fed. skin dryness, inflammation of skin pores and skin age take it off.

2) Foundation on your skin, when not cleaned, it will prevent the skin from getting air, so the skin will become inflamed and excessive acne causes formation. Skin that can't get air, skin in which it can't feed the formation of acne and blackheads on the surface is inevitable.

3) If you are using some makeup you must clean it. When make-up is not some temed, ideal habitats are formed in the skin pores where bacteria will live. Invisible bacteria get there with symptoms such as itching, redness, skin wilt on the skin surface. Therefore, when you come home, you need to clean immediately.

Be Sure to Clean Before Bed

4) When you do not clean the lipstick on your lipstick, the lip your skin dries very quickly and begins to crack. Lip skin moisture it has to be mompy as it is high in proportion to the skin. Therefore lipstick lip drying on your lip will cause cracks and sores on the skin. Lipsticks the health of your lips deteriorates very quickly if it is not preferred in quality. If you do not act too meticulously in choosing lipstick, it will dry during the day or at bed ryjs cause your lips to crack and sores to form.

5 ) Mascara, make-up that clogs the eyelash roots and prevents the feeding of eyelashes elements. If you want eyelashes to look very sexy and your lashes If you're rubbing mascara, you need to clean the mascara as soon as you get home. Eyelashes you need to take maximum care of eyelash health, as it does not come out easily. When you sleep without cleaning your mascara lashes, your night lashes you can witness it break and have eyelashes that look bad.

6) Foundation and blush around the nose cause the skin to become clogged due to the fact that this area is very oily. Prolonged filling of the nose and surroundings with dyes and blush causes the oils under the skin to appear more prominently. The makeup around the nose should be cleaned very carefully, and you should be meticulous about the nose and its surroundings, which are high in fat.

Sleep Without Makeup for Healthier Skin

7 ) Clean makeup you should also be very careful when buying cleaning products sold for . Poor quality make-up cleansers damage skin pores, cit surface and cause you to have lifeless skin. Therefore, quality you should opt for skin cleansers or skin cleansers in your own home You have to do it. When you use natural skin cleansers, you can it will be easier to protect.

8) When you do not clean your makeup, your skin surface will become more matte and more lifeless because the skin roots cannot be fed. When you sleep with makeup and wake up in the morning, you can see that your skin is fried, your under-eye bags increase, you wake up with swollen eyes, your skin is aging and you have dry skin. Therefore, from the moment you come home with makeup, your first task should be to clean your makeup correctly.

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