What are the benefits of linden?

The benefits of linden are usually considered in winter, but linden is a plant that should be used for 4 seasons in many subjects.Linden, which has been used since ancient times, has many benefits. We usually know that linden is good for colds. And the linden doesn't help anything else? In this article, we will tell you a little bit about what linden is good for other than colds. 

Benefits of Linden :Relieves Breathing!

Linden, which is one-to-one to the cough that occurs when we have the flu, causes the cough destroys bacteria. Especially when you add honey and pepper to it. it will relieve your breathing and stop your cough.

Accelerates Digestion, Useful for The Intestines!

Another of the benefits of linden is that it is good for the problem of constipation. Linden is very useful for people who experience intestinal laziness. Digestive regulates the system and softens the stomach, accelerating digestion.

For the Eye Benefits of Linden!

By putting the cotton you have soaked in the ihlamura in your eyes fatigue symptoms and your under-eye bruises you can get rid of it.

Benefits of Linden in Terms of Hair Health!

When you wash your hair with linden, it will nourish your hair, and remove itching if you have scalp itching. In addition will reduce your hair loss.

Skin blemishes For Linden

Another benefit of linden is that it's because of the sun, or because women are born. then reduces the appearance of spots on the body. Boil the ihlamuru and when you rub it on your skin with the help of cotton, the skin blemishes disappear Will. 

Natural Sedative Linden!

Works stressful jobs during the day or for other reasons we can experience stress. With the calming properties of linden, your body you'll feel relieved. Also linden sleep when you drink before you go to sleep it will improve your quality and allow you to get a comfortable sleep.

What should be considered before using linden?

It is useful to consult a doctor before using linden. No matter how healthy you are, you may have an allergy to the disease or you may feel sensitivity. Drinking more than two cups a day can do you more harm than good. It is recommended not to use it without consulting a doctor, as it may have side effects for pregnant or lactating women. For those who use drugs, it is worth paying attention when using and consulting the doctor again, as they can interact with other drugs. Heart patients should also consult a doctor before using the disease.

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