What is the Treatment, Symptoms and Surgery of Large Intestine Obstruction?

Treatment of large bowel obstruction aims to improve the intestinal problem that occurs due to various causes and diseases. Those who encounter such problems are curious about the risks of large bowel obstruction, what are the risks of large bowel obstruction surgery, symptoms of obstruction of the large intestine and what is drug treatment. In this article, we have compiled the answers to the questions about the subject for you.

Symptoms, Treatment and Surgery Techniques of Large Bowel Obstruction

Obstruction of the large intestine, food and gas in the large intestine when there is a blockage that prevents it from passing. Congestion blood to the intestine and some of the large intestine cells may die. When this happens, you can pressure can cause bacteria or viruses to get into the blood. Most common symptoms include bloating or decreased bowel movements, nausea, vomiting, abdominal swelling and pain. Resulting intestine different treatments are applied depending on the type of congestion.

Who is at risk of large bowel obstruction?

May be at risk of developing large bowel obstruction People:

  • Any age, but more often 70 over the age of 10.
  • People who've had abdominal surgery.
  • Radiation to the abdomen or pelvis those who have been treated.
  • Cancer that puts pressure on the internal organs people with diseases.

Does Intestinal Obstruction Kill?

If a large intestinal obstruction occurs, the clogging area food, stomach acids, liquids and gas accumulation may occur behind it. Bowel if congestion is not diagnosed and treated early, bleeding in the intestines and even the risk of explosion occurs. In this case, harmful intestinal substances and bacteria can spread to the abdominal cavity. There's a big thing that could cause this death. is a problem. That's why early diagnosis and treatment of large bowel obstruction is vital is important. Large bowel obstruction fatal after being delayed in treatment because it can be called peritonitis, such as infection and inflammation, gap problems may occur. It's a blockage of part of the large intestine. occurs when it is torn due to the Usually fever and excessive abdominal pain symptoms with . This problem is definitely a deadly disease that requires surgery.

What Symptoms Is Large Bowel Obstruction Understood?

Large bowel obstruction, disturbing variety symptoms. Some of these are in substances below Located:

  • Severe bloating
  • Abdominal pain
  • Decreased appetite
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Inasion of gas or feces
  • Constipation, in some cases diarrhea
  • Severe abdominal cramps
  • Abdominal swelling

Some of the symptoms include the location of the obstruction in the intestines and may vary depending on the duration of its formation. For example, vomiting is thin is an early sign of intestinal obstruction, but your large intestine can also be seen in case of obstruction. The first of a partial blockage or blockage stages of diarrhea, a complete blockage can cause inability to excrete gas or feces.

Causes, Symptoms of Large Bowel Obstruction in Infants And Treatment

Large bowel obstruction infectious diseases in infants then, in various internal organ diseases and blood flow in the intestines decrease. Virus-induced stomach in some children and infants problems may result in large bowel obstruction. It's a child. and can lead to inflammation in the intestines of babies. Occurring in babies it is difficult to notice any intestinal obstruction that may occur because they have no chance of expressing symptoms. Instead, parents can't to understand a blockage that may have occurred, click they should pay attention to the symptoms:

  • Abdominal swelling in the baby
  • The baby's knees are often placed on his chest pull up
  • Extremely sleepy appearance in the baby
  • Fire
  • Writhing in pain
  • Bloody defecation
  • Constant and high intensity crying
  • Bile-like in yellow and green Vomiting
  • Showing signs of slimming

Some of these and other symptoms may be in your baby or if you see it in your child, consult a doctor immediately.

When to See a Doctor for Large Bowel Obstruction?

Some of the symptoms of large bowel obstruction if you already have an operation, and especially recently from your abdomen immediately consult a doctor. Severe constipation in the abdomen, although bloating and loss of appetite occur, immediately contact a specialist for medical assistance See it.  

How is Large Bowel Obstruction Diagnosed?

In the diagnosis of large bowel obstruction, the doctor can examine your abdomen by applying pressure. Stethoscope at a later stage with the help of the help of the tummy. Especially in infants and children, the abdomen the presence of a hard fist in the area or a specific sounds of the type to understand if there is an obstacle that clogs the large intestine he'll help. Can help diagnose large bowel obstruction other methods:

  • Blood count test
  • With kidney and liver function blood tests that detect electrolyte levels
  • X-ray or ultrasound scan
  • Colonoscopy
  • Enema

What Causes Large Bowel Obstruction?

If the large intestinal obstruction prevents excretion of feces, the following situations may occur:

  • Infection in the intestine and abdominal cavity
  • Tissue death in the intestine
  • Rupture of the large intestine or Puncture
  • Blood infection
  • Multi-organ failure
  • Death due to these problems

Treatment of Large Bowel Obstruction

Chronic congestion caused by narrowing of the large intestine doctors to treat narrowing with a long tube called an endoscope can apply stents to the zone. Usually a body that can adapt to organs this fence-like stent helps keep the narrowing area of the intestine open it is. This operation can be performed without the need to cut the abdomen. Other in cases where the blockage is located, the cause and severity varies to . Intestinal obstruction problems herbal do not waste time trying to treat it at home with methods. Because it's the most appropriate treatment depends on the cause and type of intestinal obstruction. At home although the methods you will apply provide you with temporary relief, it can cause you to go away and delay your realization of seriousness.

How to Perform Large Bowel Obstruction Surgery?

Applied for the removal of large intestinal obstruction emergency surgery if external intervention methods fail or your condition worsens may be required. In such cases, you are usually hospitalized. Surgery first, fluid supplementation in the vascular tract to alleviate the risk of shock due to fluid loss may need to be done. If the blockage in the large intestine causes permanent damage to the tissues surgically removing dead tissue and merging healthy sections can be provided.

Herbal Treatment of Large Bowel Obstruction at Home

Large bowel obstruction is a serious problem that can cause death or permanent organ damage as seen. If problems such as frequent obstruction, constipation and even diarrhea occur in your intestines, consult a doctor immediately. Trying to treat the blockage in the large intestine with herbal formulas and cures that you will apply at home will only save you time. So you should definitely try to get medical attention first and fore into it. If you wish, does Pomegranate Cause Constipation for an ordinary constipation problem that is not serious? You can also read The Water and Seeds of Pomegranate Is Good for Constipation?

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