How to do skin care at home? What is Skin Care and Cleanliness?

In this article, where we are looking for the answer to the question of how to do skin care at home, we explain to you the most important elements of skin care, such as skin cleansing and mo lasting.

Skin Care at Home What?

Home skin care is the application of natural skin care techniques that those who do not have the opportunity or time to go to professional care centers can apply in appropriate conditions and amounts in the comfortable environment of the house. Today, there are many skin types. In order to eliminate problems such as acne, tenderness or black spot on the skin, appropriate procedures should be performed to protect against these problems. These procedures are called skin care. There are many skin care products available in the cosmetics industry, but it makes more sense to do skin treatments at home by men and women who do not want to use them due to both their money and the chemicals they contain.

Why Skin Care Should Be Done at Home

Doing skincare at home is both comfort and time for yourself is a very advantageous option when it comes to separating. To do skin care First you need to know your skin structure. Home skin care health is the best option in terms of economic to be. How to do skin care? Or what materials are used? Like if you have problems, you should continue to read our article.

Skin Care at Home How?

The skin we turn to in order to make the face healthier The first important point in the maintenance should be to follow the right steps. I'm not going therefore, to give information about these names before moving on to skin care construction We'd like to. To do skin care, you should wipe the makeup on your face and you should make your skin clean. If you've cleaned your face, it's small. you need to massage with movements, natural rose water at this point if you wish you can use a more relaxing massage. After the massage, Tonic should be used, and by tonic, we mean not only cosmetic products. You can use natural plant oils in many transfers in this sense is one of the healthy options.

Skin Cleansing at Home Operations

Laurel soaps produced naturally in our country is located. This soap is not only at home, but in many beauty centers and hairdressers and this soap is used as a natural cleanser. Found in soap there is a substance called antiseptic. This substance prevents the formation of acne It's happening. In addition to laurel soap, natural olive oils are also about skin care is one of the important products. By exfoliating with one of these options you can open the skin pores. However, peeling 3 or 4 times a week the excess can irritate the skin.

One of the most popular tonic products is rose water It's happening. Especially rose water, which stands out for its ability to moisturize dry skin take it to your face by pouring it on the cotton, you should rub it well on the nose and jaw areas. Black spot formation if you apply tonics regularly will decrease.

Skin Moisturizing Processes at Home

One of the procedures that is important in skin care is the moisturizing stage. Moisturizing the skin is quite easy. For this, products such as wheat oil, samesefa oil or almond oil are quite ambitious about moisture. One thing to remember at this point is that if your skin structure is oily, you should not overapply apply moisture. Increasing moisture on oily skin will also cause an increase in fat. Therefore, there will be an increase in negativity such as acne. If you are from people whose skin is oily, aloe vera gel or water, which has become popular not only for vegetable oils but also recently, will be ideal for you. Aloe vera gel is a product that you can find in pharmacies and transfers. Rest this mask on your face for 10-15 minutes by adding at least two teaspoons of gel on the mask paper. If you do not want to use mask paper, you can apply this gel to your face with a brush.

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