Recipes and Natural Lip Care Recommendations for Home Lip Care

Lip care at home is one of the most curious issues especially for women. There is a separate type of care in our body that should be applied to each region. Hand, foot, nails, hair, eyelashes... Then we have to give ourselves a certain amount of time. There's one area that's a little more neglected when it comes to care, which is the lips. Lips need some care to make them look more vibrant, fuller, smooth, healthy and colorful. If we do not want to pay for chemicals for these types of care, we may have provided the necessary care with simple and practical methods that we can apply at home.

Lip Care at Home and Essential Materials

Necessary materials:

1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon carbonate and 3 drops Olive oil

First, carbonate and honey are thoroughly mixed. I'm going to. the consistency of the mixed carbonate and honey will become more intense. This the mixture is applied to the lips. After waiting a few minutes, with warm water and olive oil is rubbed on the lips. With olive oil for 7-8 minutes after waiting, the lips are cleaned.

l Required materials:

1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon granulated sugar.

Olive oil and granulated sugar together after a hot bath stir and massage the lips, wait a few minutes, then with warm water Cleared.

Necessary materials:

1 teaspoon solid coconut oil

Massage lips thoroughly with solid coconut oil Made. After waiting 7-8 minutes, making a light tampon with a napkin Cleared. There is no need to rinse coconut oil.

Natural Lip Care Recommendations

  • If the lips look cracked and dry, it's probably because of thirst. You may have been too hot, too cold, or exposed to the wind. The need for water is completed by drinking plenty of water immediately.
  • People who lick and bite their lips all the time say they do it because of dry lips and cracks, but it's these habits that cause dryness and cracks that need to be known. Therefore, those who have these habits should stop as soon as possible.
  • Apart from the teeth, a soft toothbrush should also be obtained for the lips. Gently brushing the lips with a toothbrush will be very useful to get rid of dead skin.
  • It should be noted that the lip protection creams used have sunscreen properties and contain natural oils. Too much sun causes the lips to dry out.

Other Recommendations for Home Lip Care

  • People who can't breathe through the nose sleep with their mouths open. People who sleep like this wake up in the morning with their mouths and lips dry, and this dryness lasts all day long. If such a condition is thought to happen, the cause should be found immediately and treatment should be started.
  • Care should be taken to consume nutrients containing vitamin E and B, which will be good for the lips.
  • Peppermint oil both nourishes the lips and makes them look plump due to the fact that they speed up circulation.
  • Cheap and poor quality lip cosmetics should not be used.
  • Finally, lip balm should be applied to the lipstick before using especially dark, matte lipsticks. Lips that look healthy and beautiful are very important for a confident smile. Therefore, lip care should be taken care of.

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