What are the Harms and Side Effects of Goji Berry, Who Can't Use It?

The questions of what are the harms of Goji berry and who cannot use it are ignored because it is a useful food. In this article, we discussed who the goji fruit is inconvenient for and in what cases it can cause harmful side effects.

What are the Harms of Goji Berry and Who Can't Use It?

Goji berries ( Lycium barbarum ) China and Tibet They are fruits native to the Himalayas. They are slightly sweet and sour and are they are used as ingredients in salads. Although they offer some benefits, they are excessive intakes are associated with side effects. Fruits interact with drugs and if you are on medication or have chronic conditions Or if you're pregnant, you should be careful.

What are the Harms of Goji Berry?

Goji berry damages cause allergies in some people there's also being. In this article, topics the potential harmful side effects of fruits you will be able to see it in detail.

Goji Berry May Interact With Drugs

Goji Berry berries some, including warfarin interact with drugs. In one study, the 71-year-old was treated with warfarin. a person was given goji berry juice and the person was given bruising, rectal bleeding and problems such as bleeding from the nose have arisen. Goji Berry to get the water his symptoms improved when he left. Goji berry juice, which can increase bleeding is a popular herbal drink. With drugs such as warfarin, which is anticoagulant interacts and increases its effect. Therefore, in cases where there is a risk of bleeding and If your family has stories like brain hemorrhage, when you're consuming Goji Berry fruit Be very careful.

Goji Berry Can Reduce Sugar Excessively

Goji Berry berries can lower blood sugar levels. It has been identified as possible treatment options for managing diabetes. But if you are already on diabetes medication, your blood sugar levels will drop too much they can cause it. Goji berries can cause hypoglycemia there is no direct investigation. However, it is better to be careful. Diabetes if you are receiving treatment, please consult your doctor before consuming Goji Berry.

Goji Berry Harms Can Cause Allergies

Goji berries, a condition in which the body becomes hypersensitive can cause anaphylaxis. This is lipid transfer proteins in fruits may be responsible for the reactions. Symptoms of anaphylaxis include hives, breathing road congestion, gastrointestinal problems and shock are found. Food allergy risk people carrying goji berry should not consume goji berry until they have received approval from their doctor.

Goji Berry Side Effects Can Severely Lower Blood Pressure

Studies show blood pressure rates of Goji Berry berries indicates that it can help to reduce. This may be good news, but cause problems if the person is already on medication to treat high blood pressure Can. Goji berries can increase the effect of drugs that lower blood pressure. This causes hypotension or dangerously low blood pressure levels it can cause it to go down to levels. Already medicine for the treatment of hypertension please consult your doctor before consuming Goji Berry.

Goji Berry May Cause Diarrhea

During an experiment, consuming goji berries (goji berry tea) a person has experienced non-bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain. Human fruits it was also found in this experiment that it modulates some genes in its body. However, this side another possible cause of the effects may be contamination. Therefore, digestion if you have problems, please consult your doctor before consuming goji berries.

Goji Berry Harms In Pregnancy

Goji berries contain betain. Betain also triggers menstruation and abortion can also be used for . The berries also have a has an effect. Therefore, pregnant or lactating women or estrogen should not be used by people with sensitive diseases.

Who Can't Use Goji Berry Fruit

Our article on situations where it is inconvenient to consume goji berry fruit 2015, it is also worth listing briefly in the form of items:

  • Goji for those taking blood pressure medication Berry's inconvenient.
  • Pregnant Women Goji Berry fruit should not use it.
  • Goji berry during breastfeeding caution should be taken when using it.
  • Sugar drug users goji berry should not consume fruit.
  • Blood thinners goji Berry should stay away from its fruit.
  • Risk of bleeding such as brain hemorrhage those found should not consume Goji Berry.
  • That's what people have diarrhea. avoid fruit.
  • Drug users Goji Berry should not consume from fruit.
  • 2 before and after surgery should not be consumed for weeks.

Goji Berry's Last Words About His Losses

Goji Berry is rich in foods with numerous health benefits. However, excessive consumption of berries can cause serious side effects in some people. If you are on any medication, consult your doctor before adding the berries to your diet. Pregnant or lactating women should avoid this fruit. In addition, under normal circumstances, you can eat 15 g of Goji Berry per day. If you wish, what are the harms of blackhead grass? You can also check out the article Titled Damage and Side Effects of Blackhead Grass.