What are the harms of garlic lemon curing to the stomach.

In our article on the harms of garlic lemon curd to the stomach, it is emphasized how this mixture affects the stomach. Garlic and lemon curing are known as a double that cures various problems, especially cardiovascular diseases. This curing, which is easily prepared at home, has endless benefits but also has possible harms. In the construction of the cure, 2 liters of freshly squeezed pure lemon juice, 40 cloves of peeled garlic and a jar that will not receive dark light are needed.

How to Make Garlic Lemon Curing?

Squeezed lemons should be filled in a dark jar and water should not be added. The squeezed lemon juice should be about 8 cups. Later on, 40 cloves of medium-sized garlic should be peeled and crushed. And the garlic is in the jar. it should be kept for 25 days in a warm and light-free room. But the jar needs to be shaken every day. Garlic at the end of 25 days melting in lemon juice and half a cup of tea half an hour before curing breakfast must be consumed as a .

Does Garlic Lemon Curing Harm the Stomach?

Every cure has its benefits. However, excessive consumption, use longer than recommended, as well as harm as benefit can bring it. The benefits of lemon garlic curd don't stop at counting The most important benefits together are opening up heart obstructions, vascular inflammation good, helps slimming and strengthens the immune system is known as . Garlic lemon curd to the stomach the harms are generally acidic. Lemon the acid in it causes burning in the stomach. Cause allergic reactions can cause headaches.

Known Harms of Garlic Lemon Curing

Garlic lemon curing causes low blood pressure. This cure is not recommended for people with low blood pressure. This mixture is also not recommended for people who use blood pressure medication and various blood thinners. Since it can cause allergic reactions, this cure should be applied after approval is obtained in consultation with the doctor.

Especially those who have stomach problems should stay away from this mixture or consume it in consultation with their doctor after receiving the necessary treatments. Otherwise, irreversible stomach problems may occur.

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