Does Eyelash Bottom Inflammation Pass With Garlic Cure, What Are Its Symptoms and Treatment?

We will try to answer questions such as whether the inflammation of the bottom of the eyelashes passes with garlic, how garlic should be used to be useful for inflammation at the bottom of the eyelashes, and what are the symptoms of inflammation at the bottom of the eyelashes.

Eyelash Bottom Inflammation Garlic Cure

Eyelash bottom inflammation is a fairly common type of disorder. The reason for the appearance of eyelash bottom inflammation is that the eyelash roots are infected for various reasons. These infections usually occur due to environmental factors and external factors. If the inflammation of the bottom of the eyelash is not treated correctly, it can lead to more serious eye problems.

One of the conditions that causes the most inflammation of the eyelash bottom one is the incorrect use of makeup. Especially contact in the eye causes the eyelash roots to become infected. Eyelash bottom there are many ways that can be used against inflammation. One of these ways de eyelash bottom inflammation garlic curing method.


Natural methods may be preferred against inflammation of the bottom of the eyelashes. The most commonly used of these natural methods is garlic curing. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, the power of healing and repair is quite high. Eyelash bottom infection can be destroyed both faster and easier with the garlic method.

Eyelash bottom inflammation to be destroyed by garlic curing a fresh and raw garlic should be taken first if desired. Garlic in two divide, gently applying the middle part to the bottom of the eyelash. About 5 minutes wash your eyes after soaking. With this cure, which you will apply for 2 days in a row in a short time you will get rid of inflammation.


Eyelash bottom inflammation it is a disorder that can be passed on with garlic. These signs of inflammation from the moment it appears, you can apply this cure. Eyelash bottom to understand the inflammation in advance, you can pay attention to the following symptoms;

  • Painful sensation and swelling of the eyelid are observed,
  • A constant burning sensation occurs in the eyelid and eyelid,
  • Constant redness and living occurs in the eyes.

In cases of progressive inflammation, the eyes usually begin to see blurred. In some cases, there may also be eye bleeding.

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