What are the Benefits and Harms of Dibek Coffee How to Make Dibek Coffee

Before we get into the topic of dibek coffee benefits and dibek coffee harms, let's briefly talk about dibek coffee and coffee culture. As a society, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages. Coffee is preferred during the day in moments of fatigue and conversations with friends. It is believed that coffee drinking in Turkish society is forty years old. There are many varieties of Turkish coffee that have been remembered for forty years. One of them is dibek coffee.

What is Dibek Coffee, How to Make It?

Dipk, which is frequently preferred during the day How to make coffee? Since the coffee beans are ground differently therefore, it is called dibek coffee. Different from classic Turkish coffee it is not a type of coffee.

Roasted coffee beans made of wood or stone it is beaten in mortars. These large mortars are called dibek and dipk coffee it takes its name from the large mortars used. Revealed by advancing technology coffee mills and coffees as before due to widespread consumption not beaten in mortars. The nearest dibek coffee to the original in our country It is possible to find it in Diyarbakir and Izmir. Different aromas in coffee for lovers, dibek coffee has also become flavored. Menengic, salep, Dibek coffee can be found in different aromas such as cocoa and carob.

What are the Benefits of Dibek Coffee?

Advice by doctors on consuming Turkish coffee Is. Dibek, a variety of Turkish coffee What are the benefits of coffee? Dibek coffee, facilitating digestion supports the functioning of the digestive system herbal added in it it helps to keep satiation with materials.

In this way, those who want to lose weight or who are on a diet is recommended to consume. It accelerates blood circulation in the brain and it gives the person a feeling of vigor. When regular dipk coffee is consumed uncomfortable bad breaths are prevented. The bottom you drink it is possible to apply the grounds of coffee for the skin. What's left of your coffee cup you can apply coffee grounds as peeling on your skin and dead skin on your skin and the remains are cleaned.

What are the Harms of Dibek Coffee?

Coffee consumption should not be overdone. Like all types of coffee, there are also harms of dibek coffee. Those with rhythm problems in the heart can also cause palpitations. Blood pressure increases in the excess coffee consumption of those with uncontrolled blood pressure. Consumption of more than 5 cups of coffee during the day can cause bone loss. Coffee consumption late can cause insomnia. In addition, excessive coffee consumption negatively affects fertility. It is advisable to pay attention to coffee consumption during the day and not to overdo it.

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