How does diarrhea pass by herbal and natural methods? What are the Harms of Diarrhea?

Does diarrhea pass through herbal methods, what are the harms and risks of diarrhea? The cause of diarrhea should be taken care of during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, in the elderly, in children and infants. It causes diarrhea, and how to eliminate the causes of diarrhea with natural cures.

How does diarrhea pass with herbal treatment and what are the drawbacks of diarrhea?

Diarrhea is an increase in the frequency of intestinal movements. When you have diarrhea, food and liquids pass through your intestines very quickly and in a very large amount, and your body cannot absorb the liquid. Almost everyone has diarrhea.

Acute diarrhea, i.e. diarrhea, is an uncomfortable problem, but it is usually not serious and passes on its own in a few days. This together, if there is blood in the feces, diarrhea is severe or lasts for more than a few days you should see a doctor. Dehydration, i.e. fluid, in children and the elderly the risk of loss is higher, so for diarrhea that occurs in children and the elderly a doctor should be consulted immediately.

What are the Symptoms and Causes of Diarrhea?

Symptom of another health problem such as diarrhea, infection or virus Can. Chronic diarrhea lasting more than 4 weeks, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can be a symptom of a serious disease.

The main symptoms of this disease are:

  • Feces often and in the form of liquids Make
  • Abdominal pain, cramping in the abdomen
  • Fever, chills, general disease Feeling
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Weight loss

If your child has diarrhea, lasts more than 24 hours, or if your child is dehydrated, call your pediatrician. And babies often. pooping and crying without tears in distress is a sign of diarrhea Can. If you encounter such a situation, you can immediately ask your doctor Contact.

What are the causes of diarrhea?

Most diarrhea is from bacteria, parasites or viruses, usually it is caused by food or water. Eating local food and during travel drinking local water can cause diarrhea. Diarrhea can also be can occur:

  • Reactions to drugs (including some vitamins, minerals and medicinal herbs)
  • Artificial sweeteners reactions (such as sorbitol and mannitol)
  • Milk if you have lactose intolerance or consume dairy products

Results in blood in the stool along with fever or abdominal pain intestinal such as diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or Crohn's disease may be caused by discomfort and requires the control of the doctor.

Doctor's Supervision in Diarrhea

Your doctor will ask questions about your symptoms. Your doctor will also check if you are dehydrated and examine your abdomen and stethoscope your abdomen to see if it is Hear. In some cases, you may need a blood test or you can put a stool sample to the test to check for infection.

Diarrhea Herbal Treatment and Other Treatment Options

Many questions in the form of how to pass diarrhea with herbal treatment is asked. Yes, one of the main ways to get diarrhea is herbal. to use mixtures. In addition, in the treatment of diarrhea; Medications diets, supplements are also used.

Treatments of Diarrhea with Medication

In most cases, diarrhea passes on its own. However in severe cases, your doctor may prescribe diphenoxyla and atropine (Lomotil). Your doctor also prescribed antibiotics if diarrhea was linked to a bacterial infection. Can.

Since diarrhea is your body's way of getting rid of toxins, intervention it's best to wait for it to pass.

Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Diarrhea

See your doctor to find the drugs that work for you You should take it. If you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, your doctor do not use any complementary or alternative therapies unless directed by .

Diarrhea Herbal Treatment, Nutrition and Supplements

Electrolytes are highly involved in the herbal and natural treatment of diarrhea they take an important place. Correction of dehydration, i.e. dehydration, especially it is very important among children. Orally containing sugar and electrolytes forehead rehydration solutions, i.e. liquid retaining mixtures, diarrhea it is very important in the treatment of children who are dehydrated by the disease.

Rice or barley juice, fresh vegetable juices (especially carrots and celery), boiled broths to ensure proper fluid and electrolyte balance Helps. Rice and barley using 1 cup of raw grain in 1 liter of boiling water prepare the water. Boil and drain for 20 minutes and drain at intervals throughout the day For.

Probiotics are also important in the treatment of intestinal health and diarrhea they take up space. Lactobacillus GG, acidophilus or bifidobacteria types are taken in powder form or in capsule form by ingestion. Or this one. you can also eat probiotic yogurts, in which bacteria are present. This probiotic bacteria are the "good" bacteria in your gut also helps to protect it. Diarrhoea, although scientific evidence is unclear there is a view that they can help mitigate. Extremely immune probiotic products without consulting their doctor they should not use it.

Saccharomyces boulardii, a living yeast, a bacterium, For the prevention of diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics in Europe Used. It can also be taken with other probiotics. But it's severely sensitive. rarely serious infection problems occur in patients with the body therefore do not use Saccraromyces boulardii without doctor's supervision.

The cow is secreted by the mammary glands immediately after birth in the treatment of some infectious diarrhea of bovine colostrum, which is a pre-dairy liquid can help. But only reliable and disinfected colostrum, i.e. use oral milk products.

If there is lactose intolerance, before consuming dairy products take an over-the-counter lactase enzyme supplement.

Improving zinc, immune and mucosal barrier functions can help.

Things to Consider in The Treatment of Diarrhea Herbal Treatment

Herbal treatment for diarrhea treatment without seeing a doctor do not use methods. Especially before treating your baby's diarrhea always talk to your doctor. If diarrhea is caused by some types of infection, herbal treatments can worsen the condition. The most common herbal for diarrhea the drugs are described below.

They can be used as tea unless otherwise stated. 1 making tea in quantities of teaspoons, making the following plants you can use it. So in the form of a teaspoon per cup of hot water it must be brewed. Brewing times range from 5 to 20 minutes. Besides, it's applications 2 times in the morning and evening or in four pieces equal to the day you can apply it no more than four times in the go by dividing it. But old, child, baby, these methods in pregnant, nursing mothers and those with chronic conditions always consult a doctor before using it. Otherwise, enough to lead to death harmful side effects may occur.

Herbal Treatment of Diarrhea

Absorbent, such as blackberry leaves or raspberry leaves herbs help to "dry out" the mucous membrane in the intestine. A cup of tea until dry of these leaves in a cup of hot water, 2 times a day you can drink. That it's inconvenient for pregnant women to use them. opinions.

Rich in fiber, carob powder, mineral water can be drunk by mixing. Unless recommended by your doctor, children and DO NOT give carob to babies.

Blueberries are also plants that will benefit from diarrhea, but if you are on blood thinners or using sugar medications since blueberries are inconvenient to use with these drugs if you have to stay away.

Some types of diarrhea also occur due to infections. Using meaty plants against infections can also shorten the duration of diarrhea. Of course, if you have an infection-induced diarrhoea problem, these applications apply.

If you wish, you can also read our article What are inflammatory plants and drying teas, what are the effective plants in infections, what is good for infection.

Chamomile is usually consumed as tea. Chamomile tea it is also useful for diarrhea caused by it, since it is effective against infections Can. However, it is important to note that; with hormonal drugs of chamomile is the risk of interacting. On the other hand, allergic bodies are also negative it can have effects.

Things to Consider in Diarrhea Disorder

  • If your diarrhea does not stop within 3 to 5 days or you become dehydrated, call your doctor.
  • Be very careful with diarrhea in infants and always consult a doctor. Because diarrhea in infants can cause fluid loss and therefore health problems that can result in death.
  • In case of diarrhea in children and elderly people, care should also be taken and no application should be performed outside the control of the doctor.
  • Follow doctor's advice rather than using herbal and natural treatment methods for diarrhea during pregnancy. These rules also apply to breastfeeding mothers. In addition, since diarrhea during pregnancy can increase dehydration and cause you to experience a risk of miscarriage, be sure to consult your doctor.
  • If you have any chronic conditions or are on medication, avoid herbal and supportive diarrhea treatments. Because the herbal remedies used can trigger your disease or cause harm by interacting with the drugs you use.