Is Detoxing Harmful or Beneficial? What are the side effects of detox?

Is detoxing harmful or beneficial? Detoxing is one of the methods used by those who want to lose weight, get rid of health problems and have a more vigorous body. But are detoxes really as useful as they say, or do they have harmful side effects? If you are thinking of detoxing, read our article first.

What is Detoxing?

Today, positive steps for a healthier lifestyle It's time to throw it away. But just one thing is to change your health. it may not be enough. From your lifestyle to your eating and drinking to be healthy you need to review a lot of things.

Detoxes, sometimes referred to as "cleaning", have been they have maintained their popularity as a health method. That you are an expert in this regard claim that the detox helps remove toxins from the body and they argue that they contribute to your digestive system. Intended younger, younger to feel healthy and more energetic. Okay, but detox has these effects on you. or will it cause you to be out of health?

We can collect detoxes in general under three headings:

  • With liquids instead of solid food what is done
  • The body's natural cleaning process claiming to support
  • Regulate digestion and regulate the intestines those who argue that it cleans

Detoxes, removal of excess toxins from the body, digestion and strengthening immune systems and reorganizing metabolism is being introduced as a tool for .

Is DetoxIng Inconvenient or Has Side Effects?

The purpose of a detox is to make contact with our body every day it is to remove toxins – toxins in the air, food we eat or use like harmful substances in products. This is usually the starvation of the body, large restricting food intake, consuming liquids instead of solid foods or drinking a ton of water, and all of these negative side effects on your health.

So detoxes give you a healthy body that they promise you he can't provide it. In reality, detoxes have positive effects on health there is almost no scientific data on it. On the other hand, your body starvation with detoxes also has many risks that will negatively affect health Moves.

Detoxing with Fruit and Vegetable Juices

The largest part of detoxes to cleanse the body vegetables and juices are made by drinking. When added to diets, it is quite fruit and vegetable juices that can be a healthy and nutritious content as a detox it can impair your health when preferred. On the other hand, a lot of people who do this work. the company sells fruit and vegetable juices as a detox product. However, these waters however, they are healthy when they are freshly squeezed.

When you use fruit and vegetable juice as a detox, your body deprives him of many vitamins and minerals he needs. Detox time with irreversible health problems may cause you to encounter it. Especially such detoxes, such as protein and fat it causes you to stay away from the nutrients that are the basic needs of the body. It's just that. not, of course, the hunger experienced during the detox; low blood sugar, in the brain visible problems such as turbidity, decreased energy and fatigue he'll take it off.

Is Liver Detox Harmful?

One of the most important organs that is detoxed is the liver. A the purpose of liver detox is to cleanse the body by improving liver function system. This detox method is good for strengthening the liver It may seem like an idea, but in essence it's not.

What to do for a healthier liver it should be cooked or eaten raw from all kinds of vegetables, alcohol avoid habits such as smoking, unnecessary drug use foods with solutable fibers such as chickpeas, beans, nuts you should consume plenty. Care to eat in a balanced and regular way you have to show it. Of course, in the meantime, you should not forget to take enough water.

Detoxes Made with Food Restriction

Another form of detox, some food or food in order to remove the toxins from the body. is to remove it. Restrict certain foods in your diet or can be useful when done consciously. For example, gluten it is quite useful to remove the nutrients containing it from the dietary list, on the other hand it is also useful to remove milk-like foods that the body has difficulty digesting however, dairy products are not mentioned here. For example, if you do not consume normal milk, fermented and ground by bacteria such as cheese, yogurt, buttermilk and kefir you can consume dairy products, which would be a very useful method.

But removing every nuance from your diet list will not be so useful. It will be especially useful to create a diet list that will meet the nutrients your body will need. Because most people make the mistake of eating one way when dieting. For example, consuming only protein-containing foods or following a milk-only diet. These methods are risky applications that can have very harmful effects.

If you wish, you can also read our article about the harmfulness of milk canan karatay, ahmet maranki, ibrahim saraçoglu.

Gut-Cleaning Detoxes

Most people need problems with their digestive system. Intestinal-cleansing detoxes to lose weight, even if it is to be healthier they put it into practice. In these detoxes, the goal is to accelerate bowel movements and to try to get rid of harmful substances by allowing them to ejaculate faster. However, our intestines are important that the nutrients our body needs are taken organs. Unconscious bowel detoxes, nutritional disorders and with this basis they can cause the formation of other diseases.

On the other hand, intestinal cleaning applications; stomach cramps, they can cause diarrhea and vomiting. More serious consequences include bacterial there is also infection, puncture of the intestines, kidney and heart problems.

To a healthier structure of the intestines and digestive system balanced with more fibrous foods instead of detox applications and it will be more beneficial for you to eat regularly.

Why Detoxes Are Harmful and Ineffective

In theory, detoxes sound pretty good. But here's the truth. Which is completely unnecessary. Because our body has a natural self-cleaning There is a detox mechanism, and our livers form the basis of it. Other in a change, our liver removes and excrets toxins from our body, so we get healthier organs and the body. If you're so harmful if you try to clean with detoxes, you can you can also cause harm. Instead of a healthy life intended in this way, you may have to fight diseases.

There are also those who detox to lose weight. Yes, to a certain extent some types of detox can help you lose weight. But with detoxes, one losing weight by eating directions has to deal with the problems mentioned above He can let you go. Therefore, with the help of a specialist dietitian, it is more beneficial for you to lose weight by eating and exercising regularly Will.

On a daily basis to have a healthier body Here are some useful methods you can use:

  • Drinking plenty of water during the day
  • Following a high-fiber diet
  • Keeping additional sugar intake to a minimum
  • Add more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Avoiding processed and ready-made foods
  • Taking plenty of time to relax and relax
  • Deep breathing exercises or meditation