What are the Harms of Throwing Razor Blades on a Coke? Is It Harmful to Throw a Coke Faça?

Throwing razor blades on a Coke doesn't stop there. Razor blades, or arm screws, which have very harmful consequences and are an indicator of problematic behavior type, are usually seen in adolescents. Physical and perceptual change in this period can lead to the development of self-destructive behaviors in adolescent individuals. However, this change is certainly not the only reason. Especially the friendly environment plays an important role in the emergence of self-harm behavior in adolescents. Apart from puberty, such behavior can also be an indicator of various psychological disorders. So what are the harms of throwing scars on the arms?

What are the Harms of Throwing Razor Blades on a Coke?

The harms of throwing razor blades on coke cripple people for the rest of their lives includes some situations that may leave. Throwing coke into the façade causes physical problems to be excluded from social settings at an advanced age and even to it can lead to consequences, from not being able to benefit from job opportunities. Of course, every He won't have these challenges. But in order not to put your health at risk, stay away from such behavior, if it comes from within to do so uncontrollably You should try to get help from a doctor by talking to your relatives about the situation.

Is It Harmful to Throw a Coke Faça?

Even the question of whether throwing coke is harmful in itself Contradicts. However, in parallel with this question on the Internet:

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  • The student who razored himself
  • How to self-harm a teenager behave
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  • Self-harm in adolescents Behavior

Their questions are often searched. This suggests that the searchers are usually adolescent individuals themselves, their friends and their parents. The most important thing to pay attention to here is to approach young people and our children who exhibit such unwanted behavior in a constructive way. Since such behaviors, especially in adolescence, can be caused by confusion in the inner world of the child, going after them can cause the situation not to be further discussed and lead to the appearance of various irreparable mental and physical problems in the adolescent individual. Therefore, you should help individuals around you or in your family who exhibit behaviors such as arm razor blades and brushing, and if possible, mediate for medical help and psychological therapy.

Self-Harming Adolescent Individuals and Children

Especially teachers can often encounter adolescent students who self-harm. If you detect a student throwing a razor blade in his arm, you should definitely inform your supervisors and try to develop a method to help the child. If the child's family consists of interested and understanding individuals, you should definitely help the family resolve the situation. Otherwise, in order to provide the necessary treatment and treatment opportunities, the situation should be reported to the relevant authorities and the rehabilitation of the child should be carried out. However, children who behave like throwing razor blades should not be excluded and this misconduct should not be excessively punished, causing the child to move away from their social environment and become trapped in it.

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