What are the Harms of Chips? Is My Corn Chips More Harmful Than My Potato Chips?

The harms of chips can occur with side effects to cholesterol, blood pressure, weight gain and even skin. How unhealthy are the chips and additives that are frequently discussed in media such as sour dictionary and Women's Club? We have answered all the questions for you, such as my corn chips, my potato chips are more harmful, which type of chips is the most harmless.

What are the Harms of Chips?

The harms of chips are often overlooked because chips it is a cheap, tasty and easily found snack. A handful from time to time enjoying chips in general health cannot be repaired in people who lead a life while not causing any damage, the real danger is when you consume chips on a daily basis Emerging. Here are the harms of chips in titles:

The Harms of Chips Leading to Excessive Weight Gain

Chips are often at risk of weight gain and obesity it is full of fats and calories that can increase. 15 to 20 pieces of potato chips, approx. It consists of 10 grams of fat and 154 calories. This rate is the rate at which any healthy food it's far, far beyond. A study found that potatoes fried in oil (chips) is among the foods most strongly linked to weight gain he took it off. Being overweight or obese can cause diabetes, heart disease and some increases the risk of types of cancer.

Side Effects of Chips in Terms of Nutrient Deficiency

If you regularly add chips to your eating habits, you won't get as much nutrients as you need. Chips are usually vitamins and minerals is quite weak in terms of. Consuming healthy snacks instead of chips, help to compensate for any lack of nutrition during mealtimes so snacks such as chips with high nutrient density it is useful to opt for healthier fruits and similar snacks instead Has.

The Harms of Chips to High Blood Pressure Patients

The sodium content of the chips is due to your cardiovascular health it can negatively affect your blood pressure. High sodium intake, increased blood pressure cause heart failure, stroke, vascular problems and kidney disease Can. Potato chips usually contain a high amount of salt. That's why so many People consume much more salt than their daily limit when eating chips. This situation especially as it poses a great risk to high blood pressure patients it may pave the way for healthy individuals to have blood pressure problems in the future.

Does Chips Raise Cholesterol?

Frequent consumption of chips is high due to the amount and type of fat can cause an increase in cholesterol levels. Most fried chips, most dangerous type of trans fats occur. In addition, opt for frying chips fats are mostly saturated fats that contribute to high cholesterol content Occurs. High levels of trans fats in the bloodstream, high LDL cholesterol levels and increased risk of coronary heart disease.

Skin Damages of Chips

Skin damages of chips Side effects of other fundamental harms appears as . Excessive consumption of chips increases the rate of fat on the skin. Intake of unhealthy fats causes skin pores to become clogged and therefore leads to increased problems such as acne and acne. This is why the skin excessive chips so that your overall health is not at risk as well as your health avoid eating.

Harmful Food Additives in Potato and Corn Chips and Colourants

A packet of potatoes or corn chips contributes many harmful foods contains the substance and colorant. Long-term consumption can be may cause it. Most of the additives used are industrial chemicals, dangerous, unproven of artificial food additives and colorants although there may be various harms.

TBHQ: TBHQ is a protector and is derived from butane. There are many bad side effects of this substance with cancer that cause fat-based chemicals such as vomiting, nausea, asthma, low estrogen levels, rhinitis and hyperactivity. Laboratory animals exposed to TBHQ have been shown to have a higher risk of developing stomach cancer. TBHQ is an industrial chemical and is used in varnishes, resins, cosmetic products and skin care products. It is also used in the production of explosive compounds.

Damages of Aspartame Additive in Chips

Aspartame (E951): Artificial it is a sweetener and consists of aspartic acid, phenylalannin and methanol. This additive blurred vision, hearing loss, asthma, nerve conduction failures, can cause tinnitus and respiratory problems. High blood Aspartame levels can cause brain cells to be destroyed.

Tartrazine (E102): This substance is an azo dye and is obtained from coal tar. Hot flashes in children have been associated with allergies, asthma, blurred vision, migraines, fatigue, anxiety and hyperactivity.

Mono Sodium Glutomate (MSG) Side Meats In Chips

MSG (E621): Mono sodium glutomate, or Chinese salt flavor is an in-increaser. This substance, which can cause accumulation in the liver, is the head causes pain, nausea, vomiting, sweating, reddening, wheezing and lethargy.

Sodium inosinate (E631): Animals such as fish and meat sources. Side effects are asthma and gout. From animal products is not suitable for vegetarians as it is obtained.

Sodium guanilat (E627): From yeast or fish (sardines) it is produced, it can cause asthma and gout. Suitable for vegetarians Not.

Arorubine (E122): Azo of red food dyes and dyes he's one of his family. Reactions to E122 are associated with asthma in children and is an increase in hyperactivity.

Is My Corn Chips More Harmful Than My Potato Chips?

The question of corn chips and potato chips is more harmful is not really very important because the important thing is not what substance the chips are made of, but what additives are contained in them and with which oils they are produced. Therefore, it is chips that have the least additives in the healthiest chips and are prepared with healthy fats. Therefore, our advice is to read the contents of the package of chips you have received thoroughly and choose accordingly, if possible, to prepare your own chips at home. If you wish, you can also check out The Benefits of Popcorn: Vitamins, Slimming and Sugar.

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