Benefits of Chestnuts Harms Saraçoglu: Effects on Pregnancy, Sexuality

In this article about the benefits, harms and properties of chestnuts, we tried to answer questions such as the benefits of raw chestnuts, the sexual benefits of chestnuts, what effects it has on eating chestnuts during pregnancy, what are the benefits of chestnut peel, and the inedible inability to eat sprouted chestnuts.

Benefits, Harms and Properties of Chestnuts

It is one of the most beautiful types of hazelnuts grown in our country and chestnuts, much loved by the majority, between autumn and winter Grows. Chestnuts are cooked in the streets, parks, because of the fact that it is very popular We come across a multiply of stalls.

Chestnuts have lower calories and lower fat content than nuts such as beans. However, it is also a source of nutrients with vitamins and rich minerals that are beneficial to health. Chestnuts are very rich in vitamin B1, B2 and C. Chestnuts also contain high minerals such as protein, potation, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, along with very different essential oils. Chestnuts differ from other nuts and their species with low fat and high starch values. It has a crumbling sweet texture and a light flavor. The benefits and harms of chestnuts are listed below.

Benefits of Chestnuts

The benefits of chestnuts are briefly listed as follows:

  • Chestnuts are useful for lowering high fever.
  • It prevents disorders such as stress and depression with its calming properties.
  • Chestnut prevents premature aging of cells.
  • Chestnuts have detox properties. It purifies the body of toxins.
  • It contains a high amount of selenium and vitamins V1, V2, E.
  • Chestnuts relieve stomach diseases.
  • It refreshes brain cells.
  • Chestnut prevents forgetfulness and alzheimer's disease.
  • Regulates cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Chestnut prevents anemia.
  • Thanks to its tough-holding feature, it prevents overeating.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Protects the heart from possible ailments.
  • It's a powerful antitoxin.
  • Strengthens muscle and bone structure.
  • Strengthens teeth.

Benefits of chestnuts listed here It is also frequently mentioned by Ibrahim Saraçoglu.

Harms of Chestnuts

Consuming too many chestnuts can lead to weight gain.

Excessive in the process of diarrhea, as it contains rich fiber should not be consumed.

If consumed excessively, it can cause bloating.

Chestnuts, which are consumed a lot in general, damages to the stomach and immune system. That's why. everyone needs to consume chestnuts without overdoing it.

Benefits of Raw Chestnuts

Chestnuts can be consumed by cooking, as well as raw is consumed. Counting the benefits of raw chestnuts if necessary: especially dieters are advised to consume raw chestnuts. Raw chestnuts are the biggest enemy of stress. Raw chestnuts, especially stomach diseases very effective in the treatment of. It is also very useful in terms of anemia. Especially It is one of the most effective nutrients in the fight against lung cancer.

Benefits of Chestnuts to Sexuality

Among the many benefits of chestnuts, chestnut there are also many benefits to sexuality. In particular, it increases sexual desire and there are many indications that it gives energy. It also contains selenium fights prostate cancer.

Benefits of Chestnuts in Pregnancy

For every mother, the pregnancy period is experienced very carefully, what it is a time when a lot of attention is paid to what you eat and drink. Therefore, the defeated whether the food is beneficial or harmful to the child is constantly investigated.

Benefits of chestnuts in pregnancy is listed below.

The mother-to-be's muscle aches are eased Helps.

Low fat and rich in chestnuts disorders such as vascular stiffness and hypertension of the mother-to-be with vitamins helps him to fight with .

With rich vitamin C in chestnuts, the mother-to-be helps him not to get tired quickly.

By strengthening the muscle and bone structure of the mother-to-be reduces the weight that rides on the feet and legs due to its aggravating body.

Benefits of Chestnut Peel

Chestnuts are raw and a nutrient consumed by cooking. At the same time, the benefits of chestnut peel Has. Chestnut peel crumbles, mixing with honey-like foods as well as boiling water. Chestnut peel the benefits are as follows.

The boiled water of the chestnut shell has a degrading effect. At the same time, if the hair is washed with water, your hair is alive and makes it look fresh. It can be used to dye the hair red.

If honey is added to the chestnut peel by crumbly, eat it provides an appetite for children who have trouble with it.

Do You Inge Sprouted Chestnuts?

In cases where chestnuts wait for a long time, one may ask, can they be eaten sprouted chestnuts? Although the taste of sprouting chestnuts has worsened slightly, it is harmful to health Not.

If the chestnut has waited too long and sprouted, the best thing to do is to try to grow a new chestnut tree by burying the chestnut in the ground.

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