Will the crooked leg heal? What is leg curvature treatment?

We have sought answers for you to the questions of whether the crooked leg will improve and how to treat the curvature of the leg. Legs with aesthetic appearance and proportional to the body are arguably among the most important elements of external beauty. The aesthetic appearance formed by the harmony of the upper and lower legs with each other becomes apparent not only in clothes that leave the leg area exposed, but also in models that wrap around the legs such as tights and trousers. While summer clothes and beach costumes fully reveal aesthetic disorders caused by distortion or disproportion in the legs, most people who experience this problem can start to lose self-confidence in their social life and advanced psychological problems may arise in the continuation of the process. The difficult camouflating of the leg area casts a shadow on body beauty, and this problem becomes one of the most important aesthetic problems that prevents people from a comfortable life. The most common problem in leg aesthetics is crooked legs.

Will the crooked leg heal? Why does curvature occur?

Although the legs may seem like limbs that only allow us to walk, Legs like milk are one of the most important complements to an aesthetic posture. The distortion and disproportion of the legs is often congenital or later due to bone problems or mismatch in fat distribution He's coming out. Removing the curvature of the bones in the legs is highly risky and creates situations that cause serious problems during the healing process. The disproportionate fat distribution is usually due to a genetic cause It's happening. However, in some cases, this can also be considered as a regional lubrication problem. the problem is that the leg area is over-lubricated due to weight gain or it can also be due to reasons such as weight gain of the upper or lower leg.

How to correct the curvature of the leg?

Surgical interventions provide solutions to aesthetic problems arising from bone curvature in the legs or due to fat distribution in the legs. Many different techniques are used to solve problems. Fat transfers obtained and performed from the patients' own excess fats are the most effective and easy technique. In this technique, which is frequently used, fat taken directly from the patient's own body is used, so it also comes across as the lowest risk method. With this technique, it is done only to shape the legs by transferring fat to the places where it is needed in the patient's leg and camouflating the existing curvature, without touching the curvature bone in the legs. In this case, the patient does not expect a difficult process because the bone tissue is not tampered with.

With the fat transfer to remove the leg curvature, the patient is given beautiful, fit and symmetrical legs for life. With the same technique, disproportionate fat distributions in the upper or lower legs of the patient can be found. In this correction process, the bone tissue is not damaged at all and the operation is therefore easy. The postoperative recovery process is easily overcome due to the lack of intense cuts and stitches. Apart from fat transfer in the crooked leg correction process, the other alternative is silicone structures. Silicone parts are placed on the lower leg, which is opened with large sections, to bring the deformation-intensive area to the forefront. However, this process is known as a more difficult and tiring method compared to oil transfer.

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