Cardamom Chewing : How to Chew Cardamom What are the Benefits and Harms?

Chewing cardamom is a preferred habit, especially for bad breath and tooth decay. Cardamom, which is used especially in India as a spice, is not known much in our country. If you wish, without further ado, let's elaborate in the rest of our article what are the benefits or harms of chewing cardamom.

Why Chewing Cardamom Is Good for Bad Breath

In a scientific study on chewing cardamom, cardamom in the mouth, which causes the appearance of bad odors destroys bacteria, thereby demonstrating an antibacterial effect understood. In other words, the most important role of cardamom in relieving bad breath it is not to suppress odors but to eliminate the source of the smell has been seen.

Can Chewing Cardamom Prevent Tooth Decay?

Chewing cardamom is due to the effects mentioned above prevent tooth decay. Teeth are usually weakened by tooth enamel as a result of which bacteria begin to act on the tooth Occurs. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of cardamom, it can breed in the teeth the death of bacteria can also prevent or delay tooth decay.

How to chew cardamom and how to use kernel cardamom?

The question of how to chew cardamom and how to use kernel cardamom it may come from the fact that we usually recognize cardamom as dust, but cardamom it is a spice with crustaceans and seeds in it. So cardamom. must have been obtained in its untapped raw form in order to be chewed. Mouth one cardamom shell is angled to get rid of the smell and relieve the stomach and the seeds in it, i.e. the seeds, are chewed and ingested. Dust in your hand cardamom coffee or brewed cardamom tea can be made if there is cardamom.

The benefits of chewing cardamom are briefly as follows:

  • It relaxes the stomach, it's good for indigestion.
  • It has a deconstructing feature.
  • It is also said to be good for bladder and kidney problems.
  • It's a source of vitamin A.
  • It's good for psychological problems.
  • It has a soothing, calming effect.
  • It is also said to have a relaxing effect on problems such as colds, bronchitis and asthma.

Bad breath can sometimes also occur due to inflammatory problems, you can also read our article about natural anti-inflammatory plants and find out what can be used other than cardamom to eliminate bad breath.

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