Home Natural Mask and Care Recipes for Black Spot and Acne

Masks for black spot and acne show quite beneficial effects. In today's article, we have compiled recipes and applications of natural and herbal mask cures that can be applied for cleaning acne and black spot at home.

Home Mask Recipes for Black Spot and Acne

Acne due to skin type and cleaning routine can be seen in both men and women. In particular, there are different ways to get rid of these small points that spoil the external image. These paths are quite simple and can be applied by making masks at home for black spot and acne. However, before each mask to be made, the skin should be cleaned of all dirt and moisturized adequately.

The first stage of skin cleansing is to remove dirt from the face and the remnants of makeup, if any. For this, you can get help from cosmetic products suitable for skin type. In the second stage, pores should be opened with the help of a tonic. After the cleaning stages are finished, one of the mask recipes should be applied at home for black spot and acne.

Home Mask Solution to Black Spot and Acne Problem

A set made for black spots on the skin at home it is possible to make useful masks. The transaction is primarily sterile application is one of the priorities. Her skin is black preparing for spot cleaning and carrying out the necessary cleaning is a prerequisite is seen as .

In order to perform these procedures, the it needs to be cleaned well and washed with water. Then making natural masks at home for prepared black spots is ensured that it is implemented.

Mask Recipes for Black Dots

Home-made that allows the destruction of blackheads there are several mask methods. These methods are very effective observed.

The necessary hygienic rules before the masks to be made is seen as a prerequisite.

Mask Prepared with Lemon Juice and Yogurt

Black prepared with lemon juice and yogurt as a very successful method of natural mask at home for spots stand out. With the mask prepared with a mixture of the two, it is extremely successful results are obtained. Two spoonfuls of yogurt and some (eye decision) lemon juice is thoroughly mixed and applied to the face except around the eyes. Especially in areas where blackheads are dense, it is driven and then dried Expected. After drying, the skin is cleaned by washing with warm water and then the moisturizer is applied. This app is used once a week or up to two times a week it is recommended to do it once.

Carbonate Prepared Mask

One of the most effective natural mask methods at home for black spots is the method that can be applied as both mask and peeling made with carbonate. The eye decision is applied to the points where black spots are densely seen by adding a few drops of lemon juice to some carbonate and a light massage is performed on the applied area. Then, waiting for five minutes, the mask on the face is cleaned with warm water. Once a week, the carbonate mask is recommended for black spots. The two most effective masks made at home to combat black spots are lemon juice, yogurt mixture and carbonate, prepared from lemon juice mixture.

Double Effect Mask Recipes for Acne and Black Spot

Lemon and Carbonate Mixture

Lemon is a good degreaser thanks to the ingredients in it is known as . For this reason, black spot and acne is the most familiar product of mask mixtures at home. 1 tablespoon mask prepared by adding half a lemon juice to carbonate 15 percent minutes Await. Lemon dissolves the oil accumulated in the skin, while carbonate also pores helps to unload. Those who want to use this mask will be able to use it instead of carbonate. it can also use salt to the same extent.

Yogurt and Oat Mask

Yoghurt and oat mixture applied to particularly sensitive skin is a type of mask. Mask, 1 tablespoon oat flour, lemon juice of the same size is prepared by adding. 1 to make the mixture driveable a teaspoon of olive oil is added. Mask, 20 percent minutes after soaking, it should be cleaned by washing it with warm and cold water, respectively.

Clay Masks

Clay has been used as a cleaner in every conceivable area for many years. For this reason, it is also frequently preferred for skin problems. Clay masks are prepared together with different products. Rose water also combines with clay to remove blackheads. Accordingly, rose water and vinegar should be added at the same rate to 1 tablespoon of panty. The mixture, which has the consistency of paste, should be applied to the skin twice a day.

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