How to Relieve Headaches By Natural Herbal Means Without Medication?

Many people with headache problems find the first resort in painkillers. However, it should be known that continuous use of painkillers is definitely not the right method. Continuously taking medication in every headache causes the effect of the drug to decrease over time, and more and more frequent use of painkillers is needed to relieve the pain. In other words, painkillers reach the level of addiction after a while. In order to avoid all these harmful consequences, methods should be tried to relieve headaches without medication. In the rest of our article, we will share "What are the methods of passing headaches without medication?"

Plants and Methods That Offer Solutions for Headaches Without Medication

Lavender Oil

Beautiful lavender, head among fragrant plants he's very good at getting his pain through. All you have to do is 2 waters 3 drops of lavender in boiled water. This When you smell the water vapor after the procedure, your nerves will calm down and Your pain will go away.

Sleep in the Dark

Headache our body is extremely sensitive to light. Your pain is more to be in a quiet and dark environment so that it passes quickly and, most importantly, in such an environment, if possible, to get a short period of sleep will be the solution to its easing or complete calming down.


In the middle Rub the lemon you cut in half for a while in the palm of your hand and on your head and face Leave for 10 minutes. At the end of this time, your headaches are eased You'll witness it.

Acupuncture for Headaches

Famous China headaches with acupuncture treatment, which has a place among the treatment methods lightens. To the area in the middle of your thumb and index finger massage with your other hand for about 5 minutes. After this massage, all headaches are eased on the grounds that attention is given to this area. This This is the common opinion of experts in the field. You'd better try it.

Drinking Water Is Good for Headaches

Our bodies most of it is made up of water. That's why we need fluids. quite a lot. In the absence of regular and adequate fluid intake, water Headache complaint is also inevitable when not drunk. If you head too often if you are experiencing pain, take a look at the water level you drink during the day. Male individuals need 3 liters of water per day, while women need about 2 to It needs up to 2.5 liters of water.

A Hot Shower

Bathing and taking a shower, especially with hot water, leads to relaxation of the body. As a result of this relaxation and relaxation, it is much easier to get rid of headaches. The view that our most important need when we have headache complaints is a hot shower with a lot of steam is supported by many experts.

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