Is it harmful to heat breast milk in a microwave?

The question of whether heating breast milk in the microwave is harmful is among the wonders of mothers. Because in the first few months of a baby's life, breast milk is very important. For working mothers or when it is not possible to feed your baby, it is very useful to store breast milk for later use, ensuring that your precious little boy does not miss out on so many essential nutrients.

Is it harmful to heat breast milk in a microwave?

Although it is absolutely good and safe for your baby to store your breast milk in the cold, babies are more accustomed to drinking warm, body-warm milk directly from the mother's chest. Therefore, it is an important step to heat the breast milk before presenting it. In this case, the question arises: is it harmful to heat breast milk in the microwave? Yes, heating breast milk or ready-made food in a microwave is harmful. But why? Let's go into details, if you like.

Why Is It Harmful to Heat Breast Milk in a Microwave?

Just like your little baby is sensitive, the food you give them is sensitive. Heated milk is not harmful, even slightly heated breast milk also provides various benefits to your baby. Warm milk is easier to digest than cold milk for their small stomachs and more nutritious. Therefore, heating breast milk is a good option. However, breast milk is different from other milks, and more care should be taken when it comes to heating. If you're thinking of using a microwave to heat it, forget it. Doing this not only damages some essential nutrients in milk, but also damages their composition. In addition, since the heat may not dissipate evenly in itself, it can unwittingly cause the baby to be exposed to excessive hot milk. The same goes for formula milk. Therefore, it is inconvenient to use a microwave oven to heat breast milk or food.

How to Heat Breast Milk?

Although heating breast milk in the microwave is a harmful way, there is also a good way to warm milk or food in a healthy and accurate way. If your milk has just come out of the freezer, you can choose to thaw it until it reaches room temperature. Another option is to heat a pan until it is warm, then warm the milk on the ceiling in a glass bottle. Similarly, it is a useful option to keep the milk bottle in warm water. However, do not expose milk directly to heat. After warming up, you can test the temperature of the milk by putting a little on your wrist before giving it to your baby. Body temperature is considered the best heat for milk temperature, since it does not cause degradation of nutrients or destroy its probiotic properties. Stored breast milk should be consumed within about 6-7 hours, after heating or thawing. If you wish, you can also read our macaque titled Do Caffeinated Foods and Beverages Harm The Baby During Breastfeeding?

Is it harmful to heat breast milk in a microwave?

Heating breast milk in the microwave is very harmful in terms of the loss of nutritional value of milk. Instead, breast milk should be soaked in warm water in a glass bottle and not exposed to direct temperature.